Why Tufts for your Computer Science Degree

Choosing the right school for your study of computer science is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make. So why consider the Department of Computer Science (CS) at Tufts?

Study in an open, friendly, collaborative atmosphere

Forget what you've ever heard about structured computer science departments that limit you to a narrow path of study -- or herd computer science students into large lecture halls where they get lost in the crowd. We do things differently at Tufts. You'll earn your computer science degree in an open, friendly, diverse and collaborative atmosphere with an unusually high number of women faculty.  You can personalize your path of study and regularly access your professors both in small classes and out of class -- and you'll know each other by name. Just ask a Tufts graduate student.

Take an inter-disciplinary approach to CS

Just because you want a computer science degree doesn't mean that's all you have to study. Tufts helps you see the big picture of computer science applications and research. Tufts has a long tradition of inter-disciplinary learning and research collaboration among different departments.  You'll benefit from working across disciplines on research that reflects real-world needs for computer science solutions in many different industries. The result? You can take a personalized approach to computer science, and you'll be well prepared to use your computer science degree in the field of your choice. Check out the innovative research that Tufts CS faculty and graduate students are working on now.

Study with the stars of CS research

What's in a name? Plenty.  Tufts computer science faculty members are recognized leaders in their fields and are pioneering innovative research. You'll be working with them -- and learning from them and other dedicated CS faculty -- in small classes where they will know you by name, not giant lecture halls where you're an anonymous face. What's more, you'll stay on the leading edge of computer science throughout your degree program because Tufts CS courses are continually revised and updated. So where are Tufts CS graduates now?

Join a department that supports women in CS

Over 25 percent of our undergraduate, master's, and Ph.D. students are women - above the national average. Nearly 30 percent of our faculty are women, including our department chair. Learn more about our department's support for women in computer science.

Go high-tech in Boston

What better place to earn your computer science degree than eight miles northwest of downtown Boston -- a recognized high-tech hub where our students have internship and employment opportunities at a large number of labs and technology companies.