Applying to the Master's Program

Thank you for your interest in our master's program. If you haven't already, we suggest you first acquaint yourself with our master's program and please read our FAQ. It answers many of the questions you probably have.

Note: even if you do not yet have a masters but are interested in continuing for the Ph.D. degree, please apply to the M.S./Ph.D. track of our Ph.D. program, not the M.S. program. You can read about this program here.

Masters Application Requirements

A completed application to the Tufts M.S. program includes:

  • GRE General Exam (Tufts GRE code is 3901)
  • One official copy of all college transcripts
  • Letters of reference
  • Resume
  • Personal statement
  • TOEFL-iBT scores of at least 90 are required for all international applicants who are not native English speakers (Older TOEFL-cBT or TOEFL-pBT scores will be considered only if accompanied by the TSE).  If you have taken the paper TOEFL instead of the Internet TOEFL, your score must be at least 600.

Again, we urge you to read our FAQ.


For both international and domestic applicants, the deadline in Computer Science for the receipt of complete applications (including test scores and letters of recommendation) for entry in Fall is January 15 and for entry in the Spring is September 15.

The Office of Graduate Admissions has detailed application instructions on its site, as well as an online application site.

Graduate applications to Tufts are handled by a combination of the department and the Office of Graduate Admissions. Your application is formally processed by the Office of Graduate Admissions. Its content is then read by members of the department, who then forward their recommendations to the Office of Graduate Admissions. The Office of Graduate Admissions formally admits you to the program. Therefore, you may receive correspondence from either of these entities.

You can get additional information from our FAQ and from the Office of Graduate Admissions' Web site.