Amelio Vázquez-Reina

Vasquez-Reina_AmelioHome town:   Alcalá de Henares, Spain (near Madrid)

Previous school:  University of Alcalá

Current Degree Program: Ph. D. in Computer Science

Research group/focus: Computer vision and machine learning

Why did you pick this particular area:  I think of science as the ultimate pursuit of truth and the best tool we have to improve the well being of individuals. Human intelligence relies heavily on the visual system, our largest natural provider of information about the world around us. Computer vision explores how intelligence, in general, can use this visual information to deal with practical problems.

Why did you choose Tufts CS:  Tufts has a strong commitment to international outreach and social justice. It does a great job at educating students, not only professionally but also with respect to civic engagement. Our computer science department is a national leader in representation of women among the student body and faculty. The department strongly supports minorities, and it demonstrates how it is possible to make a difference in a competitive world.

What's the best thing about Tufts CS Department: The commitment of the faculty. The Tufts' CS faculty maintain a solid record of research, while also taking the time to make themselves accessible to frequent one-on-one conversations with the students. They are supportive, follow your work closely, and always put your education first.

Advice for those considering enrolling: In addition to all the points above, Tufts also provides great collaboration opportunities with other schools in Boston (MIT and Harvard). I have been working very closely with the Center of Brain Science in Harvard for more than two years. At Tufts you get the best of both worlds, the feeling of a committed community that supports you and cares for you, and the opportunity to do cutting-edge research with some of the best faculty in the country, from Tufts and the greater Boston area.