Sam Hincks

Home Town: Stockholm, Swedensam-hincks

Previous School: Hamilton College

Current Degree Program: M.Sc./Ph.D. in Computer Science

Research Group/Focus: Human-Computer Interaction / Brain-Computer Interfacing (BCI) for Wearables. Currently exploring an fNIRS-integrated Google Glass that uses a passive measure of user workload to control when and how to deliver information.

Why did you pick this particular area: Practitioners of Brain-computer Interfacing have the privilege of working simultaneously in many different areas -- User Interface design, Cognitive Science, Psychology, Neuroscience, and Machine Learning to name a few. Despite this complexity, it's strangely accessible, and a blooming area of research as we begin embedding electronics in wearables and, slowly but surely, our own biology.


Why did you choose Tufts CS: Tufts appeared especially strong in the areas I wished to pursue my PhD. It supports several thriving HCI-groups, a leading Cognitive Science program, and emphasizes entrepreneurship. Tufts is also a perfect distance from Boston, on the border of Medford/Somerville, which seemed to me a delightful place to spend my twenties.

Advice for those considering enrolling: Meet with a graduate student and a faculty member before you make up your mind. Make sure that Boston and in particular the Somerville/Cambridge area appeals to you. Having an advisor and home you find agreeable will make the long Ph.D. grind much more manageable.