Joint Ph.D. Program in Computer Science and Cognitive Science

In May of 2011 Tufts approved a new Joint Ph.D. Program in Cognitive Science. Students desiring to be admitted to this program must first (or simultaneously) be admitted to one of three other graduate programs at Tufts (so-called “home” departments). At this time these include: Psychology, Computer Science and Child Development (note other programs may be included in the future). This page provides information about the joint computer science/cognitive science Ph.D.

For those in the Computer Science program, all of the requirements for the Computer Science Ph.D. as well as those for Cognitive Science (see below) must be met. The degree awarded will be a "joint Ph.D. in computer science and cognitive science."

Summary of Cognitive Science Requirements for Computer Science Ph.D. Students1

In addition to the Computer Science Ph.D. requirements, a minimum of 12 cognitive science courses (5 core courses and 7 electives; note that many of these also count towards the Computer Science requirements)

Additional program requirements include

  • demonstrated competence in core research methods
  • colloquium series
  • teaching requirement
  • qualifying exams

1 For further and more detailed information about the Tufts Joint Cognitive science Ph.D. program visit the CogSci web site.