Tufts CS will be offering a new Master's degree in Human-Robot Interaction!

The Department of Computer Science has just gotten approved to offer a new Master's degree in Human-Robot Interaction (HRI). It will be advertised to the general public for admission in Spring 2019 and we are already planning to offer courses in Fall 2018 that students can count towards the HRI degree.

For now, however, the department is accepting applications from *current Tufts undergrads only* who want to do a combined five-year program to earn both a bachelor's degree and a Master's degree.

If you are a current Tufts student who wants to apply to the BS/MS and get a Master's in HRI, please apply by March 15, 2018. Because this program is so new, there isn't a formal place on the application to indicate that you want an HRI Master's. To work around this, please select the BS/MS in Computer Science and make sure to refer to the HRI program prominently in the first few lines of your personal statement so that we are clear which program you are applying for. We will be working with the Registrar's Office, Grad Admissions, and other offices over the next few months to get the HRI Master's program in place officially. We have been assured that next semester once everything is in order, we will be able to easily transition accepted HRI students into the brand-new program.

The core courses are the same as those from the HRI PhD program.  More new courses will be coming online soon and we will share further information as soon as it is available. In the meantime, for planning purposes please know that the following is a partial list of courses that you can count towards your HRI electives:

* COMP 131: Artificial Intelligence

* COMP 135: Introduction to Machine Learning

* COMP 136: Statistical Pattern Recognition

* COMP 150-CMCS: Computational Models in Cognitive Science

* COMP 150-NLP: Natural Language Processing

* COMP 160: Algorithms

* COMP 171: Human-Computer Interaction

General information on the BS/MS program can be found at: http://engineering.tufts.edu/undergraduate/combined

Click here to apply! https://gradase.admissions.tufts.edu/apply/