Chow Returns to DEFCON

Lecturer Ming Chow returns to Las Vegas August 1-4 for DEFCON, "one of the oldest continuous running hacker conventions around, and also one of the largest." Chow will be speaking on abusing NoSQL databases.


The days of selecting from a few SQL database options for an application are over. There is now a plethora of NoSQL database options to choose from: some are better than others for certain jobs. There are good reasons why developers are choosing them over traditional SQL databases including performance, scalabiltiy, and ease-of-use. Unfortunately like for many hot techologies, security is largely an afterthought in NoSQL databases. This short but concise presentation will illustrate how poor the quality of security in many NoSQL database systems is. This presentation will not be confined to one particular NoSQL database system. Two sets of security issues will be discussed: those that affect all NoSQL database systems such as defaults, authentication, encryption; and those that affect specific NoSQL database systems such as MongoDB and CouchDB. The ideas that we now have a complicated heterogeneous problem and that defense-in-depth is even more necessary will be stressed. There is a common misconception that SQL injection attacks are eliminated by using a NoSQL database system. While specifically SQL injection is largely eliminated, injection attack vectors have increased thanks to JavaScript and the flexibility of NoSQL databases. This presentation will present and demo new classes of injection attacks. Attendees should be familiar with JavaScript and JSON.

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