Computer Science newsletter - Fall 2013

The latest Computer Science newsletter is now available.

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science at Tufts!

At Tufts CS, we have embraced the challenge of creating outstanding programs that emphasize both education and research across select areas of computing. Our research portfolio includes many exciting research projects including ones in Machine Learning, Computational/Systems Biology, and Human-Computer Interaction. Our joint PhD program in Cognitive Science provides a unique multi-disciplinary approach to understand and explain the mind. Our graduate students have become researchers and professors at world-class institutions, and it is now established that some of our graduating seniors will earn a six-figure salary right out of school. Our course offerings are richer than ever, delivered by outstanding faculty and described as transformational educational experiences. While our major enrollments have doubled, in both the School of Engineering and the School of Arts and Sciences, we still provide a personalized experience through small weekly labs for all our foundational courses. Importantly, our program is supported by an outstanding set of individuals who value and support learning experiences.

What distinguishes Tufts CS from other programs? Our research programs are highly interdisciplinary. Example applications include cataloging periodic stars in sky surveys, developing a robotic wheelchair that can be instructed through dialogue, predicting disease progression in multiple sclerosis patients, developing new in utero therapies to improve cognitive outcomes of fetuses with Down syndrome, and creating adaptive brain-computer interfaces using functional near-infrared spectroscopy. Our size facilitates a personalized experience both at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Our undergraduates participate in world-class research. We have a newly renovated building and beautiful research spaces. Our location is hip, right next to Davis Square in Somerville (America's Hippest city!) with easy access to all Boston attractions.

What an extraordinary time to be part of a young discipline central to how we socialize, learn, and solve large complex problems. I invite you to browse the pages of our web site to get a glimpse of some of the exiting opportunities available. Consider joining our faculty or one of our many outstanding programs here at Tufts Computer Science.

Soha Hassoun, Chair