Research Asst. Professor Ethan Danahy in the Press: from the Arab Robotics Conference in Jordan

Part of the conference will be devoted to robotics in science, technology,
engineering and math or STEM, which the JCEE began introducing to schools in
Jordan about a year ago, the statement said.

Ethan Danahy, a technology development researcher from Tufts University in
Boston, said that STEM is a new "hot" topic and his goal as a researcher is
to find innovative ways of engaging students and getting them involved in
the process of learning about these topics.

Danahy believes that can best be accomplished through the act of "doing".

"It's really an emphasis on hands-on learning. project-based learning, the
students learning for themselves rather than having teachers simply
injecting the information," he noted.

Danahy added that while the role of the teachers is still very important,
they become more of a mentor, coach or a role model for how the students
need to learn.

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