Sarah Cannon Wins 2012 CRA Outstanding Researcher Award

Sarah Cannon, Math, A12, was named a 2012 CRA Outstanding Researcher Award. Sarah has contributed to an impressive variety of research projects, working with a broad range of researchers. Most recently, she has been looking into spontaneous self-assembly of nanoscale devices. The process can be viewed as a tiling problem with constraints, but several different abstract models have been proposed. Sarah has proved new results comparing these models and their ability to simulate one another. In separate work, Sarah devised algorithms and complexity results for the problem of orienting undirected graphs, and made contributions to minimal surface theory.

 Constantin Berzan, E12, and Connor Gramazio, A12, received 2012 honorable mentions.

 In 2011, Sarah received an honorable mention from CRA. Max Leiserson,  A11, received the CRA's runner-up male award. He is now in a doctoral program at Brown University. Sean Kelley,  A12, also won an honorable mention.