Tufts Announces First Two Bridge Professorships

As part of the Tufts T10 strategic plan, the first two Bridge Professorships have been announced. The inaugural Bridge Professorships are a part of a major university initiative intended to create new faculty positions that span disciplines, departments, and schools.

Both of the announced professorships include interdisciplinary connections to the School of Engineering. The professorship in water security will bridge the Fletcher School and the political science department in the School of Arts and Sciences, adding a much-needed social science strength to the School of Engineering’s expertise in the science of water and to the interdisciplinary graduate program Water: Systems, Science and Society.

A second professorship in cognitive science aims to strengthen core areas in the existing interdisciplinary program between the Departments of Computer Science, Psychology, and Philosophy.

TuftsNow spoke with Professor Matthias Scheutz regarding the professorship in cognitive science:

‘“Answering deep questions about the human mind requires a multidisciplinary approach,” says Matthias Scheutz, a professor of computer science who co-authored the cognitive science proposal with Erin Kelly, associate professor and chair of philosophy, and Ray Jackendoff, the Seth Merrin Professor of Philosophy and co-director of the Center for Cognitive Studies.

‘“We need to formulate the right kinds of questions (philosophy) to guide the overall research direction investigating the empirical phenomena (psychology) to produce data for building the right kinds of computational models (computer science), which can elucidate the mental processes we are trying to understand,” says Scheutz. “The Bridge Professorship in cognitive science will be the hub that links these inquiries.”