Tufts Attends Grace Hopper Conference

CS Students Attend Grace Hopper

Twenty six computer science undergraduate and graduate students attended the 2015 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing on October 14-16. Representatives from the department's Association for Computing Machinery - Women (ACM-W) chapter and other CS groups attended the three-day meeting held in Houston. Here are some thoughts from students who attended GHC2015:

*    "I loved getting to talk to employees of firms from all over the country about career opportunities. It was great to see all the ways to pursue computer science as a career." Katie Grosch, A16

*    "Grace Hopper is like the United Nations, which promotes cooperation for women in tech, except there's no concept of 'permanent members', everyone is equal." Min Bu, master's student

*    "Grace Hopper brings together an amazing community of women in technology. Every day at lunch, I sat down with different people, and heard about how women make inroads into an industry that had been driven by men and the stories behind them. Those are the things I would not have learned anywhere else. GHC is the place where women 'light their candles in each other's knowledge.'" Yunjie Lu, master's student

Learn more about the event here: http://gracehopper.anitaborg.org/CS Students Attend Grace Hopper