Computer Science Certificate Program

Why earn a computer science certificate at Tufts? With technology advancing at a rapid pace, opportunities for advanced applications of computer science are limitless. Professionals with experience and knowledge of the hottest topics in computer science are rapidly advancing in salary and opportunity. This four-course, graduate-level Computer Science Certificate program will update your skills and broaden your knowledge in computer science, through a design-your-own-specialty certificate taught by Tufts' renowned faculty in computer science. Computer science certification courses meet the Office of Graduate Studies requirements and are transferable into the Tufts M.S. program upon acceptance to that program.

Who should apply?
The Computer Science Certificate program is open to individuals with at least a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, or a closely related field with approved work experience. Individuals completing the Post-Bac Computer Science Minor Program are also encouraged to apply.

Program of Study
The Computer Science Certificate requires four graduate-level courses in Computer Science. This flexible program of computer science classes allows the student to cluster course electives around a particular interest or specialty computer science research area. Course may be chosen from our regular department offerings or from our COMP 150 Special Topics offerings, which are offered in particularly hot area of interest, or in a unique specialty area of Tufts faculty. Completion of the certificate requires grades of B- or better in all courses.

Computer Science Certificate Courses
Every semester Computer Science Certificate courses for the program change, are often high-demand and extremely popular. Recent offerings have included:

  • COMP 150OSD Open Systems Development
  • COMP 150FML Foundations of Machine Learning
  • COMP 150CLT Computational Learning Theory
  • COMP 150CS Cryptography and Security
  • COMP 150FP Functional Programming
  • COMP 150ICS Introduction to Computer Security
  • COMP 150MDC Multimedia Data Compression
  • COMP 150ML Machine Learning
  • COMP 150GA Stochastic Search and Genetic Algorithms
  • COMP 150CB The Art of Commercial Software Development
  • COMP 150CC Foundations of Scientific Visualization
  • COMP 150NET Network & System Administration
  • COMP 150PC Parallel Computing
  • COMP 150CPA Clouds and Power-Aware Computing
  • COMP 150PRB Probability in Computer Science
  • COMP 150TUI Tangible User Interfaces
  • COMP 250BCI Brain-Computer Interaction
  • COMP 250CM Computational Metabolics

Regular Department Courses (partial list):

  • COMP 105 Programming Languages
  • COMP 106 Object-Oriented Programming for GUIs
  • COMP 111 Operating Systems
  • COMP 112 Computer Networks
  • COMP 115 Database Systems
  • COMP 126 Numerical Analysis
  • COMP 131 Artificial Intelligence
  • COMP 135 Introduction to Machine Learning
  • COMP 160 Algorithms
  • COMP 163 Computational Geometry
  • COMP 167 Computational Biology
  • COMP 170 Theory of Computation
  • COMP 171 Human-Computer Interaction
  • COMP 175 Computer Graphics
  • COMP 180 Software Engineering
  • COMP 181 Compilers

Certificate students pay a course rate for each required certificate course. Please see the Graduate Programs website for information about current tuition rates.

For more information about Tufts Computer Science courses and programs:

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