HCI Certificate Program

Are you interested in the dynamic field of human computer interaction (HCI)? Let Tufts put you at the forefront. Extending the expertise of its internationally recognized Human Factors program, Tufts has designed the Human Computer Interaction Certificate program to train the next generation of computer programmers for tomorrow's complex programming challenges:

  • With hardware processing power increasing and software development techniques improving, the user interface is fast becoming the key bottleneck in developing computer products that meet market needs.
  • When interface design does not reflect the needs of the intended users, products fail in the marketplace and enormous sums of money are spent on documentation, help lines, and training courses to overcome the difficulties of running programs.

With the knowledge you gain in the Tufts HCI Certificate Program, you can help businesses solve these challenges by helping users overcome both the physical and psychological restraints.

Who Should Apply?
The HCI Certificate program is open to individuals with a bachelor's degree and is especially useful for computer programmers, web designers, software engineers, human factors professionals, user interface designers, and others who wish to develop or enhance their user interface design and implementation skills.

Program of Study
Students must complete four courses to earn a Certificate in Human Computer Interaction, including those in engineering psychology, interface design, and computer programming. Students interested in earning a graduate degree can often apply these HCI certificate courses toward masters programs in computer science or human factors, or a Ph.D. degree in computer science.

Additional information can be found on the HCI certificate program site.

For course information, contact:
Certificate Faculty Advisor:
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Ph.D. 617-627-2021
For Application Forms for the HCI certificate program.
Course numbers/titles are subject to change. Course descriptions are available at http://ase.tufts.edu/bulletin/

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