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Computer Science Ph.D Recipients in 2017

Jisoo Park
Dissertation: Discovering Molecular Mechanisms of Human Disease Through Gene Sets and Networks
Advisor: Donna Slonim

Mike Shah
Dissertation: Understanding and Tuning the Performance of Critical Sections with Program Analysis and Software Visualization Tools
Advisor: Sam Guyer

Thomas Williams
Dissertation: Situated Natural Language Interaction in Uncertain and Open Worlds
Advisor: Matthias Scheutz
Note: Joint Cognitive Science/Computer Science Ph.D. program

Jason Wilson
Dissertation: Designing a Robot to Assist an Older Adult While Preserving the Person's Dignity
Advisor: Matthias Scheutz
Note: Joint Cognitive Science/Computer Science Ph.D. program

Yijun Zhao
Dissertation: Addressing Bias and Subjectivity in Machine Learning
Advisor: Carla Brodley


Computer Science Ph.D Recipients in 2016

Bilal Ahmed
Dissertation: Decrypting Cryptogenic Epilepsy: Machine Learning Methods for Detecting Cortical Malformations
Advisor: Carla Brodley

Gordon Briggs
Dissertation: Toward Dialogue and Reasoning Mechanisms to Enable More Natural and Socially-Appropriate Human-Robot Interactions
Advisor: Matthias Scheutz
Note: Joint Cognitive Science/Computer Science Ph.D. program

Mengfei Cao
Amazon Research, Seattle WA
Dissertation: New Graph Metrics Improve Network-Based Protein Function Prediction
Advisor: Lenore Cowen

Alvitta Ottley
Assisant Professor of Computer Science, Wash U. St. Louis
Dissertation: Toward Personalized Visualizations
Advisor: Remco Chang

Nathan Ricci
Microsoft, Cambridge MA
Dissertation: Determining When Objects Die to Improve Garbage Collection
Advisor: Sam Guyer

Beste Yuksel
Assistant Professor of Computer Science, University of San Francisco
Dissertation: The Next Generation of Implicit Brain-Computer Interfaces: Enhancing User Learning and Creativity
Advisor: Rob Jacob

Computer Science Ph.D Recipients in 2015

Dan Afergan
Software Engineer, Google
Dissertation: implicit Brain-Computer Interfaces for Adaptive Systems: Improving Performance through Physiological Sensing
Advisor: Rob Jacob

Eli Brown
Dissertation: Learning from Users' Interactions with Visual Analytics Systems
Advisor: Remco Chang

Mona Yousofshahi
Dissertation: Computational Methods for Pathway Synthesis and Strain Optimization
Advisor: Soha Hassoun

Computer Science Ph.D Recipients in 2014

Jingjing Liu
Dissertation: Clustering with Domain Knowledge
Advisor: Carla Brodley

Ehsan Ullah
Dissertation: Pathway Analysis of Metabolic Networks using Graph Theoretical Approaches
Advisor: Soha Hassoun

Evan M. Peck
Assistant Professor, Bucknell University
Dissertation: Designing Brain-Computer Interfaces for Intelligent Information Delivery Systems
Advisor: Rob Jacob

Computer Science Ph.D. Recipients in 2013

Jordan Crouser
Technical Staff, Lincoln Laboratory
Dissertation: Toward Theoretical Measures for Systems Involving Human Computation
Advisor: Remco Chang

Noah M. Daniels
Postdoctoral Associate, MIT CSAIL
Dissertation: Remote Homology Detection in Proteins Using Graphical Models
Advisor: Lenore Cowen

Yuyang Wang
Machine Learning Scientist, Amazon
Dissertation: Nonparametric Bayesian Mixed-Effects Models for Multi-Task Learning
Advisor: Roni Khardon

Andrew Winslow
Postdoctoral Researcher, Universite Libre de Bruxelles
Dissertation: Staged Self-Assembly and Polyomino Context-Free Grammars
Advisor: Diane L. Souvaine

Computer Science Ph.D. Recipients in 2011 and 2012

Edward E. Aftandilian
Software Engineer, Google
Dissertation: Exploiting Virtual Machine Infrastructure to Implement Low-Overhead Error Checking Tools.
Advisor: Samuel Guyer

Nauman Khan
CAD Engineer, Intel Corporation, Oregon
Dissertation: Through Silicon Via Analysis for the Design of 3-D Integrated Circuits
Advisor: Soha Hassoun

Erin Treacy Solovey
Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Drexel University
Dissertation: Real-time fNIRS Brain Input for Enhancing Interactive Systems
Advisor: Robert Jacob

Amelio Vazqez-Reina
Scientist, Raytheon BBN Technologies
Dissertation: Segmentation Strategies for Connectomics
Advisor: Eric Miller

Byron Wallace
Asst Professor of Health Services, Brown University Medical School
Dissertation: Machine Learning in Health Informatics: Making Better use of Domain Experts
Advisor: Carla Brodley

Computer Science Ph.D. Recipients in 2010

Mark Chiarini
Senior Performance Engineer, Mark Logic Corporation
Ph.D. November 2010, Advisor: Alva Couch Dissertation: Finding Indicators of Load on a Simple Web Server via Analysis of Black-Box Performance Measurements

Andrew Fox
Ph.D. November 2010, Advisor: Donna Slonim Dissertation: Structure and Evolution of Biological Networks: A Systems Biology Approach to Understanding Protein Function

Audrey Girouard
Assistant Professor at Carleton University
Ph.D. August 2010, Advisor: Robert Jacob Dissertation: Towards Adaptive User Interfaces using Real Time fNIRS

Leanne M. Hirshfield
Research Associate Professor of Communications, Syracuse University
Ph.D. February 2010, Advisor: Robert Jacob
Dissertation: Enhancing Usability Testing with Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy

Mashhood Ishaque
Senior Software engineer, Endeca Technologies, Cambridge, MA
Ph.D. November, 2010, Advisor: Diane L. Souvaine
Dissertation: Geometric Data Structures

Saket Joshi
Technical Staff, Cycorp
Ph.D. November 2010, Advisor: Roni Khardon
Dissertation: First Order Decision Diagrams for Decision Theoretic Planning

Anoop Kumar
Scientist at BBN
Ph.D. August, 2010, Advisor: Lenore Cowen
Dissertation: Augmented Training Methods for Hidden Markov Models for the Detection of Remote Protein Homologs

Alexandra Lauric
Research Associate, Tufts Medical Center
Ph.D. August 2010, Advisor: Eric Miller
Dissertation: Automated Detection and Classification of Intracranial Aneurysms based on 3D Surface Analysis

Rachel Lomasky
Chief Technical Officer, Relay Technology Management
Ph.D. February 2010, Advisor: Carla Brodley
Dissertation: Active Acquisition of Informative Training Data

Umaa Rebbapragada
Research Technologist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Ph.D. August 2010, Advisor: Carla Brodley
Dissertation: Strategic Targeting of Outliers for Expert Review

Xintao Wei
Ph.D. August 2010, Advisor: Donna Slonim
Dissertation: Computational Approaches for Biological Data Analysis


Computer Science Ph.D. Recipients in 2009

Michael Horn
Assistant Professor, Northwestern University
Ph.D. May 2009, Advisor: Robert Jacob
Dissertation: Tangible Computer Programming: Exploring the use of Emerging Technology in Classrooms and Science Museums

Elena Jakubiak
Senior Software Development Engineer, Microsoft
Ph.D. May 2009, Advisor: Sarah Frisken
Dissertation: An Improved Representation for Stroke-Based Typefaces and a Method for their Creation

G. Michael Poor
Assistant Professor, Baylor University
Ph.D. February 2009, Advisor: Robert Jacob
Dissertation: The Effects of Varying Levels of Reality Based Interaction Styles on a Subject's Ability to Perform a 3-D Construction Task

Gabriel Wachman
Decision Support Architect, Shepherd Kaplan LLC
Ph.D. November 2009, Advisor: Roni Khardon
Dissertation: Kernel Methods and Their Application to Structured Data

Computer Science Ph.D. Recipients in 2008

Arthur Brady
Ph.D. 2008, Advisor: Lenore Cowen
Dissertation: Detecting High-Level Gene Function and Inferring Genetic Pathways


David W. Sculley
Software Engineer, Google
Ph.D. 2008, Advisor: Carla Brodley
Dissertation: Advancess in Online Learning-Based Spam Filtering

Orit Shaer
Assistant Professor, Wellesley College
Ph.D. 2008, Advisor: Robert Jacob
Dissertation: A Visual Language for Specifying and Programming Tangible User Interfaces

Ning Wu
Ph.D. 2008, Advisor: Alva Couch
Dissertation: Minimizing the Cost of Configuration Changes in Self-Managing Systems Via Closures, Matchings, and Marriages

Recent Computer Science Ph.D. Recipients

Harold Andrews
Ph.D. 2001, Advisor:David Krumme
Dissertation: An Object Description Language for Distributed Discrete Event Simulations

Marta Arias
Ph.D. 2004, Advisor: Roni Khardon
Dissertation: Exact Learning of First Order Expressions from Queries

Karina Assiter
Ph.D. 2002, Advisor: Alva Couch
Dissertation: Projective Mapping: A Faithful Mapping Algorithm for the Layout of Multidimensional Data

Tamara Babaian
Ph.D. 2000, Advisor: Jim Schmolze
Dissertation: Knowledge Representation and Open World Planning Using ψ-forms

Georgios Christou
Ph.D. 2007, Advisor: Robert Jacob
Dissertation: CoDeIn: A Knowledge-Based Framework for the Description
and Evaluation of Reality-Based Interaction

Leonidas Deligiannidis
Ph.D. 2000, Advisor: Rob Jacob
Dissertation: DLOVE -- A Specification Paradigm for Designing Distributed VR Applications for Single or Multiple Users

Michael Jonas
Ph.D. 2003 Advisor: Jim Schmolze
Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems, University of New Hampshire - Manchester
Dissertation: Modeling Speech Using a Partially Observable Markov Decision Process

Sanpawat Kantabutra
Ph.D. 2002, Advisor: Alva Couch
Dissertation: Efficient Representation of Cluster Structure in Large Data Sets

Stephen Morrison
Ph.D. 1998, Advisor: Rob Jacob
Dissertation: A Specification Paradigm for Design and Implementation of non-WIMP Human-Computer Interactions

Eynat Rafalin
Ph.D. 2005, Advisor: Diane Souvaine
Dissertation: Algorithms and Analysis of Depth Functions Using Computational Geometry

Horn-yeu Shiaw
Ph.D. 2003, Advisor: Rob Jacob
Dissertation: 3D Focus + Content Interactive Visualization

Yizhan Sun
Ph.D. 2006, Advisor Alva Couch
Dissertation: Complexity of System Configuration Management

Vildan Tanriverdi
Ph.D. 2001, Advisor: Rob Jacob
Dissertation: VRID: a Virtual Reality Interface Design Model and Methodology

Chenggang Wang
Ph.D. 2007, Advisors: James Schmolze and Roni Khardon
Dissertation: First-Order Markov Decision Processes


Alumni and Alumnae

  • Mark Abramson
  • Shahla Almasri
  • Harold Andrews
  • Bill Barnert
  • Nimit Barochia
  • Jim Bures
  • Jason M. Burke
  • Matt Cable
  • Michael Champion
  • Ming Chow
  • Ethan Danahy
  • Samiyah Diaz
  • Roberto Dorich
  • Michael Foley
  • Edward S. Grzyb
  • Jan Helleve
  • Kirk Israel
  • Piti Itharat
  • Scott Kagels
  • Tsvika Klein
  • Hisashi Kobayashi
  • Robert Kogan
  • Jason Kronstat
  • Wen-Zea Kuo
  • Daniel Lipton
  • Fabian G. Loschek
  • Wendy Lucas
  • Paul Maki
  • Marc H. Mandel
  • Daniel McGaffigan
  • Douglas Melniker
  • Lena Mindlina
  • Paul Morville
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  • Greg Owen
  • Edward Palazzo
  • Jessica Paradise Elliott
  • Jinhai Qiu
  • Melissa Radzyminski
  • Kenneth Reisman
  • R. Eric Reuss
  • Ross O. Rodrigues
  • Joshua A. Rosen
  • Abdelkebir Sabil
  • Cory M. Sakakeeny
  • Anita Shewakramani
  • Salmaan A. Shikari
  • Brian Shin
  • Sabina Siddiqi
  • Ingrid E. Skoog
  • Allan Stratton
  • Stephanie Tauber
  • Grant Taylor
  • Josh Temkin
  • Jennifer Tsang
  • Salim Tyabji
  • Wendy V. Vargas
  • Claudia Villar
  • David Vorbrich
  • Jeremy Warren
  • Hongyuan Weng
  • Brett Wiesner
  • Andrew Wienick
  • Dancheng Yang
  • Ben Zarit
  • Spencer Zawasky
  • Rengong Zhu