Ph.D. in Computer Science

Pursue your Ph.D. in Computer Science at Tufts. We offer a strong Ph.D. program known for its personal attention in the dynamic academic atmosphere of the Boston area. Our faculty are leaders in their disciplines, with strong research groups in both established and novel research areas. In addition to core computer science, the faculty are heavily involved in multi-disciplinary research, which is widespread at Tufts and strongly supported by the university.

Admission to the Ph.D. program is granted at the department level, not to individual faculty members’ research groups (though if you already know who you might want to work with, please tell us on your application!) The computer science department offers extensive support for Ph.D. students in the form of fellowships and research and teaching assistantships. These positions cover the nine-month academic year and include a combination of tuition remission and stipend. Computer Science Ph.D. students pursue several options during the summer, typically working at research labs, serving as teaching assistants (TAs) for summer courses, or staying to work in their research groups at Tufts.

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To apply to our Ph.D. in Computer Science program, please see the separate information on Ph.D. applications.

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