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There are many schools that offer computer science degrees. But imagine earning your computer science degree at a school with respected interdisciplinary computer science degree programs where you can take pioneering research beyond the boundaries of traditional computer science. Where you can collaborate with some of the field's leading faculty and where your professors know you by name and make themselves available outside the classroom. Where you can earn a computer science degree and build your career in Boston's dynamic business and academic circles.

Welcome to the vibrant environment of learning and research in the Computer Science Department at Tufts. Located near the high-tech hub of Boston, Tufts offers computer science students a broad scope of computer science degree programs to meet a vast range of interests, from earning a Ph.D. Computer Science, Joint PH.D. Cognitive Science, Joint Ph.D Human-Robot Interaction, Masters Computer Science, or Bachelor in Computer Science, to learning more about computer science by obtaining a computer science certificate.

To give students the most flexibility in earning computer science degrees, the Department also offers two undergraduate majors, one through the School of Arts & Sciences and one through the School of Engineering. Both degrees have a core of computer science requirements. The degrees differ to a small extent in additional requirements and to a larger extent in the general requirements of the colleges. Both degree programs provide an excellent grounding in Computer Science.

The School of Engineering also offers an cross-departmental, interdisciplinary bioengineering (M.S./M.Eng.) program that provides a broad engineering and biotechnology curriculum, while offering a focus on a specific engineering track that best fits students' interests and career choices. This combination gives our bioengineering graduates professional flexibility, a distinct competitive advantage in the ever-changing field of bioengineering.

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Mission of the BSCS Program:
The mission of the Computer Science in Engineering (BSCS) program is to provide graduates with the durable knowledge necessary to become future leaders in the rapidly evolving discipline of Computer Science as well as in other computer-related fields. We aim to give each graduate a solid foundation in both theory and programming practice, and to prepare each graduate for further advanced study. We aim to expose each graduate to the challenges and research problems involved in creating new kinds of computer software. We aim to give graduates the skills and commitment to lifelong learning necessary to prepare them to be effective employees or graduate students in computer-related fields. The faculty is dedicated to accomplishing this mission through integration of teaching and research.

Objectives of the BSCS program:

  1. Graduates should be prepared to pursue a professional career in or related to computing or software.
  2. Top graduates should be prepared to succeed in graduate study.
  3. Graduates should be prepared to become technology leaders in industry and academia.

Outcomes of the BSCS program:

  1. Graduates should be able to utilize theoretical computer science to analyze algorithms and predict performance.
  2. Graduates should have the ability to apply computer science and software engineering principles to solve real-world problems.
  3. Graduates should be proficient in interacting with interdisciplinary teams.

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