Alice Lee

Home Town: Arlington, MA

Current Degree Program: BS Computer Science (Engineering)

Research Group/Focus: There are a lot of exciting areas to pursue, so I haven't totally narrowed my focus. At the moment, I'm curious about functional programming and embedded systems. Luckily Kathleen Fisher, one of our professors, is a world leader in functionally correct embedded systems--a combination of both of those interests!

Why did you pick this particular area: Embedded systems really interest me because they have an impact on the physical world in a way that a lot of programming doesn't. I'm going to be working on the embedded systems teams at Nest Labs this summer so I'll really get to apply that knowledge. Functional programming is interesting to me because it's so precise: you spend hours thinking about a function and then write maybe five lines of code once you fully understand it.

Why did you choose Tufts CS: I definitely chose Tufts for the people: everyone is really smart and very passionate but at the same time laid back and collaborative.

What's the best thing about Tufts CS Department: The fact that I sometime have to avoid doing work in our department building because I'll see too many friends there. I also love TAing the intro class and helping people who have never done CS before grasp new concepts.

Advice for those considering enrolling: A lot of people at Tufts fall into one of two camps: either you've been coding since you could type or you haven't ever taken a computer science course before. If you're totally new (like I was when I applied to be an Electrical Engineer) Tufts is one of the friendliest places you can start: both the professors and the students (a lot of whom are undergrad TAs) really want you to do well and grasp the concepts. If you are an experienced programmer the Tufts courses start out rigorous and just keep getting more challenging from there (and when Hescott tells you to start in data structures listen to him please)

What do you hope to do after graduation: I'm probably going to go into industry first but at some point I might want to start a business of my own--I'm minoring in entrepreneurship.