CS11 Fall 2017
Introduction to Computer Science
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This course is intended as an introduction to computer science with the C++ programming language. However, this is not a programming course as much as it is a problem solving course. This is a course on how to think — how to think precisely. It's a user guide for the human brain. How do humans understand and solve complex problems, design complex systems, and know that those systems are correct?

The major topics within the course include:

For New & Experienced Programmers

COMP11 students are all over the spectrum of previous computer-science experience: some are completely new to writing code, some are old hands, and many fall somewhere in between.

If you're a newer computer scientist, don't worry! Everyone can succeed in COMP11, and we don't assume previous programming experience. We teach how to build software from the ground up, and you will be fine in this course (but you'll also work hard).

If you're a more experienced computer scientist, don't worry! We teach you some of the important underlying concepts you might've missed; we focus on algorithmic thinking, problem-solving, how a computer follows instructions, etc. We also have lots of extra-credit options on homeworks and labs to make them more robust for experienced students.

Trying to Enroll?

COMP11 enrollment prioritizes first-years and sophomores, as well as computer-science majors. If you are unable to register for the course but still want to take it, please come to class on the first day and we'll see what the registration numbers are really like at that point.

Before Class Begins

Our first day of class is September 5th, and the first lab begins on that same day. Before the first lab begins, you'll need to set up CS unix account (assuming you already have a UTLN).

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