CS11 Fall 2017
Introduction to Computer Science
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The following is a list of topics we'll cover in this course. We'll go through this topics more-or-less in the order below. I'll announce upcoming chapters and materials in each class so you can prepare for upcoming lectures.

You are responsible for being familiar with the syllabus and schedule. You must be present for quizzes and exams. You must attend your lab section for labs and quizzes.

Lecture materials, such as slides and notes, will be posted here, usually after class

Need a syllabus to print? Download it here.

Sections in Text Topics Materials
-- Course Introduction & Welcome  
Ch 1 Defining software, writing pseudocode Pseudocode worksheet
Declare and initialize variables (sample code)
Ch 2.1-2.2 Variables, input & output  
Ch 2.3-2.4 Data types and expressions, Follow the flow of program control, basic conditionals Simple conditionals worksheet
conditionals-worksheet.cpp, mini-golf.cpp
Ch 3.1-3.2 Conditionals, boolean expressions, debugging boolean-logic.cpp
Ch 3.3-3.4 Condition-controlled loops Slides
game1.cpp, game2.cpp
Ch 3.3-3.4 For loops, and while/do-while continued, debugging loops grid_example.cpp, loop_examples.cpp, ForLoops.pptx
Ch 4.1-4.2 Pre-defined functions: name, return type, parameters  
Ch 4.3 Writing your own functions functions.cpp
Ch 4.4-4.5 Scope and local variables. Global variables are evil.  
Ch 5.1-5.2 Pass by value, Pass by reference Slides
Ch 7.1-7.3 Arrays Arrays.pptx
Ch 6.1 File I/O File Processing worksheet
dwarves-unfriend.cpp, dwarves-fb.add.cpp
Ch 14.1 Recursion  
Ch 7.4 Two-dimensional arrays two-d-and-binary-search.cpp (recursive binary search and one row of a 2D array is a 1D array), slides
Ch 9.1 Pointers and dynamic memory  
Ch 10.2 Introduction to Classes slides Tuesday-Card-Game-Example
Ch 10.3 Object-Oriented Design  
-- Constructors and Destructors, Dynamic Memory & Classes Worksheet
Hand.h, Hand.cpp, Deck.h, Deck.cpp, Card.h, Card.cpp, card_game.cpp
Ch 10.3 Seg faulting and shallow copies Hand.h, Hand.cpp, driver.cpp
Final exam review -- Slides

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