COMP 112, Fall 2016: Networks & Protocols

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This is an undergrad/graduate level course in computer networking. The emphasis will be on the basic performance and engineering tradeoffs in the design and implementation of computer networks, with a focus on the Internet. The second half of the course includes several classic and recent research papers, which cover some important problems in networking. The goal is for students to learn not only how the Internet works today, but also the rationale behind its design and how it is likely to evolve in the future. The class includes multiple hands-on programming assignments and an open ended project. Topics to be covered include: networked applications (e.g., web, p2p), reliability, congestion and flow control, routing, addressing, naming, wireless, and new Internet architectures.

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NameEmailOfficeOffice Hours
Ali Musa Iftikhar Halligan: TA rooms / Collaboration room TBA
Eli Boninger Halligan: TA rooms / Collaboration room TBA
Julia Knight Halligan: TA rooms / Collaboration room TBA


Fahad Dogar Halligan 238 by appointment (send email)

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