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Second assignment

  • The second assignment will involve schema design, (today's subject).

  • To be given out on Feb. 8, and due Feb. 19.

  • Overlapping A1, to leave enough time for later assignments.

  • So don't leave A1 until the last minute.

  • A2 is easier than A1, no programming involved.

Good questions

Thorough answers require more time than we have in class.

  1. Posted: How can you use a UUID as a primary key if there is even the tiniest chance that it won't really be unique?

  2. Posted: Do foreign keys have "back-pointers"?

  3. Posted partial answer: How do you create a loop of foreign keys, e.g. from A to B and from B to A?

Reading for today

  • R & G, chapter 19, sections 1—7
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