Introduction to Computer Security

COMP 116, Tufts University Department of Computer Science

Final Project Archive

Fall 2019 Final Projects

* Note: most supporting material not included

Title Student Author
Denial of Democracy: Voter Fraud in the Books | Supporting Presentation E. Liu
Monkey in the Middle: Why Imposter Syndrome Runs Rampant in Security D. Atik
Olympic Level Threats: Mapping the Threat Landscape for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics K. Bhargava
This project was taken down given cease and desist letter [redacted]
On the Security of Biobanks in Biomedical Informatics Research T. Chan
Defense Against the Dark AIS: The Risks and Mitigation of Artificial Intelligence Surveillance B. Eom
Security Concerns for Microservices on the Cloud A. Epstein
Risks of Rapid Database Deployment: The Misconfigured MongoDB A. Gross
The State of Ransomware in Hospitals: Current Threats and How Healthcare Facilities Can Defend Against Them D. Grotenstein
A Comparison of Modern Backend Frameworks Protections against Common Web Vulnerabilities J.M. Grunwaldt
Beyond the Breach: An In-Depth Look into the Cyberinsurance Industry (To be published in future issue of 2600 Magazine) S. Islam
Weighing the Merits and Feasibility of Provable Security A. Kadri
Does Anti-Virus Software Do All That It Promises? Probably Not C. King
Scratching Below the Surface: Into the Deep Web J. Kroner
What’s in a Face: Risks of Biometric Authentication and Data Collection | Supporting Presentation A. Lam
From Helios to Voatz: Blockchain Voting and the Vulnerabilities It Opens For The Future P. Lam
Best Practices for Data Security in the AWS Cloud Y. Lowe
Why VPNs Are Not Completely Secure Solutions for Protecting Your Data R. Luu
Exploring Aspects of Network Security Using Adversarial Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning P. Lymperopoulos
Privacy Concerns with Internet-Connected Facial Recognition Surveillance Systems T. Mannherz
Behind Israel's emphasis on Security D. Massart
A Thousand Cuts: How Chinese Cyber Espionage Erodes American Hegemony A. Moore
Forgive and Forget?: What Happened After the Equifax and Uber Data Breaches | Supporting Presentation K. Moran
For Your Information Security: Addressing the Need for Cybersecurity Awareness Throughout the Military A. Owens
Nintendo® Entertainment Security: A Review of Nintendo Console Hacking C. Phifer
Starting from Stuxnet: The Development of the US-Iranian Cyberwar A. Rose
SIMulated Trust: How Malicious Actors Take Advantage of Cellular Carriers to Perform SIM Swapping Attacks T. Russo
Protecting the Brain: Analyzing the Capabilities and Vulnerabilities of Brain-Computer Interfaces D. Sapashnik
Data Breaches: The Clock is Ticking E. Schreiber
Skimming: Attacking Your Financial Security S. Shaw
An Artifact from the Past: The Privacy Vulnerabilities of Network Printers J. Simani
Why Cognitive Biases and Heuristics Lead to an Under-investment in Cybersecurity D. Ting
Not Just for Coders: An Analysis of China's Failed Attempt to Censor GitHub Y. Xu
How "Smart" is Your Smart Lock? K. Xue
Social Media: The Overlooked Weak Link in Security A. Walker
DDoS Detection Using Deep Neural Networks on Packet Flows J. Weiss
Ransomware in Municipalities: An Investigation Into Ransomware and Its Specific Use in Targeting US Cities N. Williams

Fall 2018 Final Projects

* Note: most supporting material not included

Title Student Author
Presenting New Dangers: A Deep Learning Approach to Password Cracking | Supporting Material A. Chen
Evaluating Vulnerabilities Associated with Wireless Implantable Cardiac Devices C. Culligan
Clausewitzian Cyber Strategy M. Ecke
Are You Watching TV or Is TV Watching You? Data Collection and Privacy Issues in Modern Smart TVs J. Ehrlich
Zero Trust Network Model J. Flanigan
Security Risks of DNA Testing I. Foreman
PassGAN: Password Cracking for the 21st Century | Supporting Material J. Gowgiel
Securing the Vote: Electronic Voting in Theory and Practice M. Grider
How I Phished Security Students by Pretending to Be a Google Recruiter E. Jain
Paging Dr. Brackett: How Software Defined Radio Makes RF Espionage Trivial A. Knight
Closing the Gap Between Memorable and Secure Passwords M. Jones
Generative Adversarial Networks: What Are They and Why We Should Be Afraid T. Klimek
Surveillance Capitalism: Making Companies Accountable A. Lee
MEDJACK Attacks: The Scariest Part of the Hospital S. Meggitt
Phishing in Healthcare J. Mirecki
Ransomware Characteristics by Country J. Mitchell
Methods Used in Malware Detection C. Mitsopoulos
On the Abolition of Electronic Voting Machines M. Monks
Thwarting Google Cast Hijackers on Shared WiFi Networks M. Morscher
Frankenstein Fraud: The Rising Threat of Synthetic Identity Theft | Supporting Material K. Naranjo
Deterrence in the Cyber Domain - A Broader and Non-Military Affair L. Oh
The State of Cyber Security in Singapore N. Pai
Security of Human Genomic Data F. Qu
The Unspoken Vulnerability of Garage Doors and Gates R. Salhon
Playing Catch-Up to Realities of Cyber Warfare: The Department of Defense’s Weapons Systems Vulnerability E. Sim
GitHub Security Alerts: An Easier Path to Preventing Future Hacks G. Smith
Investigation Of Amazon Alexa's Explicit Invocation Policy H. Spalding
​Using Attack Graphs to Understand Vulnerabilities B. Thorne
Aadhaar: Hacking into a Nation D. Utkarsh
Assessing Aadhaar: Confidentiality Amid the World's Largest Biometric Identification Effort P. Wullenweber
What Does PSD2 Mean to Cyber Security Practices in the EU J. Yue

Spring 2018 Final Projects

* Note: most supporting material not included

Title Student Author
Squirrels - Knowing Your Real Threats B. Capretta
The State of Cyber (In)security in the United Arab Emirates H. Guven
Highway to Hell: The Shortcomings of the ACDC Act D. Hoffmann
Sharing the Blame in the Epidemic of Healthcare Data Breaches V. Hong
Heartbleed Keeps Flowing - Open Source Security M. Iori
In-Browser Cryptojacking: An Old Threat in a New Guise (Published in spring 2019 issue of 2600 Magazine) P. Jain
Domain Fronting: Making Backdoor Access Look Like Google Requests A. Johnson
Blast Accusations for Cybersecurity Intel (Published in spring 2019 issue of 2600 Magazine) A. Kercheval
Why is SQL Injection Still A Problem? T. Laurita
An Overview of Malicious Advertising M. Lee
Examining the Insecurities of the DRE Voting Machine M. Morisi
Buying Secrets: What You Need to Know About the Gray Market for Zero Day Vulnerabilities B. Macnamara
Quantum Mechanics: A Blessing and a Curse | Presentation E. Marcopoulos
A Poisoned Apple: The Analysis of macOS Malware Shlayer M. Nguyen
Evaluating the Security of National Electronic Identification Programs S. Ong
An Overview of the Methods and Ramifications of Online Game Defense as Utilized by Blizzard Entertainment | Presentation M. Rizvi
Sneakerbots: The Tyrants of Ecommerce D. Ross
Ransomware Ravages Healthcare: Cryptoviral Extortion in the Healthcare Sector M. Seleman
Endpoint Security: An Overview and a Look into the Future | Poster S. Slate
One Password Just Isn't Good Enough J. Su
How NPM is Jeopardizing Open Source Projects E. Tolhurst
The General Data Protection Regulation: Technical Implications of Compliance | Presentation J. Tsiang
Misconfigured Amazon S3 Buckets: A Glaring Vulnerability P. Xiao
Bringing the Fight to Them Exploring Aggressive Countermeasures to Phishing and other Social Engineering Scam | Presentation A. Zhou

Fall 2017 Final Projects

* Note: most supporting material not included

Title Student Author
Safeguarding U.S. Voter Information R. Alpert
Evaluating the Security Risks of Static vs. Dynamic Websites B. Ballard
A Matter of Life or Death: Analyzing Vulnerabilities in the Connected Medical Device Industry E. Batiz
The Impact of Facial Recognition Technology on Society D. Benson
Wiegand Protocol Access: A Decade of Decryption B. Chung
Breach Disclosure Admitting Failure and Damage Control Q. Collins
Internet of Things Taxonomy: A Rubric for IoT Vulnerabilities and Exploitations D. Corlin
Security and Mobile Medical Devices L. Danny
Security Vulnerabilities of Apple iPhone Fingerprint Authentication S. Devanahalli
The Threat to Our Online Anonymity: How 3rd Parties Are Building Profiles of Consumers E. Dobranov
Surveillance State Blues: Government Invasion of Digital Privacy in the 21st Century L. Donovan
Why “Mobile” Security is the Hardest Security K. Dorosh
Twitter Bots and Russian Plots: Preventing a Reoccurrence of the Russian Influence Campaign on the US Election T. Doyle
The Internet’s Security Dilemma: Why Cyber-Weapons Beget Instability J. Feldman
How Secure Are Our Favorite Mobile Payment Applications? (Presentation) H. Feng
Unmasking 101: How [not] to Use Anonymous Browsing I. Fischer-Brown
Ransomware’s Reliance on Cryptocurrency T. Frikker
Shaping Up Security: The Dangers and Vulnerabilities of Wearables J. Furgala
Networks at War: Using Case Studies to Speculate About Potential Cyberattacks on Vital Infrastructure During Wartime J. Gallagher
Android Applications, Can You Trust Google Play on These G. Gao
The Security of Elections Z. Goldman
Cooperation Between Industry and Law Enforcement to Fight Cyber Crime S. Gratton
Cybersecurity in Sports: Questions of Privacy and Ethics M. Greenwald
Cognitive Hacking: How to Fight Fake News S. Groh
Recoverable Cloud Data Which Has Been Permanently Deleted R. Gupte
Two-Factor Authentication: Could We Do Better? S. Hall-Swan
The Aftermath of the Equifax Hack and its Implications A. Hoiberg
Backdoors in Software: A Cycle of Fear and Uncertainty L. Holden
Bluetooth and iOS 11 J. Jaffe
Securing the Ubiquitous: An Examination of Router Software Vulnerabilities P. Kinsella
Off the Grid: The Right to be Forgotten D. Leroy
Healthcare and Technology: Cybersecurity in Medical Devices J. Leung
Securing the Internet of Things D. Light
Spell Checking or Key Logging? J. Liu
Misconceptions of NFC Security M. Luo
Google Chrome Browser Extensions: Another Malicious Portal In O. Macdougal
Algorithmic Complexity Attacks and Low-Bandwidth DoS T. Magerlein
Side Channel Attacks: Even in a Crypto-Ideal World is Data Truly Secure? J. Matthews
Limitations of Consequences for Cybercriminals on a Global Scale C. McBrien
The Current State of Ransomware in Today’s World and Why the Future is Bleak D. McConnell
Bluetooth Vulnerabilities and Real Life Exploitations J. Meng
Vulnerabilities of the American Power Grid N. Metzger
Medical and Biological Data Security R. Newman
An Arms Race On Broadway: Bot-Based Ticket Scalping Hounds Blockbuster Musicals B. Nissan
Peer-to-Peer Botnets E. Pailes
Undetectable Metamorphic Viruses A. Patel
Security of Out of Band Management Technologies V. Porokhin
Securing Complex Software Systems Using Formal Verification and Specification X. Qi
Systems Thinking in Data Security: Relating the STAMP Method to Data Security Systems Creation and Incident Evaluation M. Russell
Cybersecurity and Our Food Systems N. Russell
The Invisible Threat: Weaponized Cyber Terrorism Targeting Infrastructure J. Schiff
Identifying Originating Traffic to Anonymity Networks O. Searls
The Extent of Biohacking and Its Security Implications A. Serruya
KRACK and the Ethics of Disclosure A. Shapiro
Analysis of Vulnerabilities in Modern Unmanned Aircraft Systems N. Shashok
Browser Extension Compromise (Presentation) C. Sheng
Steam: Beloved Gaming Client and Security Tale of Woe: A History F. Sheron
Examining the Security Risks of Voting Machines within the United States K. Slaby
Purchasing a DDoS Attack for Good: Analyzing the Merits and Repercussions of Paying a Third Party to Take Down a Website A. Smith
Implementing Differential Privacy Using Randomized Response Algorithms B. Steephenson
Why Healthcare Sucks at Cybersecurity A. Sterner
Why Everyone is Still Getting Hacked J. Tagliaferro
Writing Smart Smart Contracts C. Troxell
Analysis of the TeslaCrypt Family and How to Protect Against Future Ransomware/Cyber Attacks S. Wang
An Examination of AR/VR Security Concerns B. Voelz
Electronic Voting Systems W. Wei
The Psychology of Cyber Insecurity D. Westrich
An Analysis of Mobile Malware Evolution T. Zhu

Fall 2016 Final Projects

* Note: most supporting material not included

Title Student Author
How to Ensure That Your Home Automation System Is Secure T. Ampatiellos
Holes in the Cloud: Weaknesses in Applying Digital Forensic Processes to Cloud Computing E. Arford
Lights, Camera, Hacktion | Timeline M. Belkin
Terms and Conditions: What We Unknowingly Sign Away J. Berl
Botnets D. Bessy
Possible Methods of Web Surveillance of Students at Tufts University and How Students Can Evade them E. Bishop
The Cybersecurity of Political Campaigns E. Boninger
A Block-Chain Implemented Voting System F. Caiazzo
Application of the Blockchain For Authentication and Verification of Identity B. Cresitello-Dittmar
Thinking Outside the Box: How Comprehensive Intelligence Collection Solves Attribution N. Cutler
Getting Harder to Catch: Analyzing the Evolution of China's Cyber Espionage Campaigns Against the United States Through a Case Study of APT1 W. DeSombre
SQLi Forever: An Investigation into SQLi Incident and Remediation with Static Scanning S. Gibson
Quantum Key Distribution: Leveraging the Laws of Physics for Perfectly Secure One-Time Pad Encryption R. Goodfellow
Mobile Banking: Privacy and Security Vulnerabilities J. Grace
Browser Fingerprinting: Attacks and Applications R. Havens
Practical Attacks on the i>clicker Classroom Response System | Clickjacker (GitHub) T. Hebb
Tricky To unfURL: The Risks Associated With URL Shortening Services | T. Hendrickson
Security Vulnerabilities in Z-Wave Home Automation Protocol K. Hoskins
Cyber Defense of Space Assets R. Hutchins
Quantum Cryptography and Secure Data Transfer: Redefining the Future of Communication Security A. Jackson
The Onion Router and the Darkweb C. Jacoby
Digital Ad Fraud Through Use of "Bots" to Create False Traffic J. Jepkogei
Avoid Complacency with Familiar Tools: Exploring The Shellshock Vulnerability J. Kamibeppu
Biometric Security in the Mobile Age A. King
Privacy of Network Traffic in Anti-Theft Software P. Lee
Analysis of Tokenization in Digital Payments F. Liu
Doxing: Dangers and Defenses J. Moyer
The Cyber Grand Challenge: Autonomous Detection and Patching of Online Vulnerabilities | Poster J. Musca
The Security of Medical Devices: How and Why Poor Security Puts People’s Lives In Danger D. Navon
The Future of Democracy: Blockchain Voting R. Osgood
Bank of America Mobile App Security A. Oursler
Blockchain Use Cases: From Beyonce to Barack M. Patel
Tor Networking Vulnerabilities and Breaches N. Patel
The Security of Password Managers N. Pham
Why Do Things Suck So Much? Student Perspectives on Cyber Security in Undergraduate Education | Poster E. Plankey
People Are Idiots, and It's Our Fault A. Plumer
Blockchain and a Digital Identity System: Simply Another Mislead Application of a Popular Technology R. Robinson
Buckle Up: Let's Be (Car)eful About Security E. Schwartz
Security Implications and Cost of Discontinued Support of Windows XP E. Simendinger
The Attribution Problem in International Cyber Warfare N. Shen Molesky
In-Depth Analysis of the Great Firewall of China | Poster T. Tang
Security in Bluetooth (LE) N. Thomson
Crowdsourcing Security V. Tran
Reverse Engineering a Bluetooth API M. Turpin
How Secure is Secure? Realities of IoT P. Vondras
Interdisciplinary Approaches to International Cybersecurity Policy Making N. Korchok Wakulich
Public Wi-Fi: Secure? C. Wan
DDoS on Internet of Things: A Big Alarm for the Future J. Wei
The Cost of Carelessness: Security Malpractice, and How to Prevent It J. White
Pressing the Amazon Dash Button: A Case Study in Using the OWASP IoT Top Ten List to Analyze IoT Device Security C. Wilson
Exploring Algorithmic Methods to Detect Ransomware M. Yaspan
The Blame Game: Attribution in the 2016 Elections N. Young

Fall 2015 Final Projects

* Note: most supporting material not included

Title Student Author
Security Concerns in Post-Secondary Educational Institutions A. Berman
Malvertisement: And You Thought You Were Safe A. Bowen
Replay Attack Vulnerabilities and Mitigation Strategies A. Goldschmidt
AudioJacked: Theft of Money and Information Through a Phone's Audio Port A. Gould
From Spam to Medical Identity Theft: Exploring the Vulnerabilities of Electronic Medical Records A. Hakone
Software Defined Radio: Using Radio Waves to Spoof the "Un-Spoofable" A. Luque
HTML5 and Web Security A. Pillai
Security of Vehicle Key Fobs and Immobilizers A. Richardson
The Future of Electronic Money Transactions A. Schaefer
The Feasibility and Application of Using a Zero-Knowledge Protocol Authentication Systems B. Cutler
Security Risks of Home Automation B. Frizzell
Security in Programming Languages C. Hamilton
The Current Situation and Potential Future of Aviation Security in the United States of America D. Baigel
On the Current State of Ransomware D. Kim
Why Technology Alone Cannot Fix Security D. Phelan
Remote Code Execution in the Smart Home Environment D. Pointeau
The Internet of Things: A Bridge Between Virtual Attacks and Tangible Consequences D. Zelin
Transitioning to a Connected Age of Things E. Parton
Cyber Ethics Relating to Terms and Conditions Agreements E. Posamentier
Doxing Methodologies and Defenses: The Inevitable (or Avoidable?) Plastering of Sensitive Information E. Schreibman
Security and Privacy Concern for Single Sign-On Protocols F. Xu
Security of Mobile Communications in the Medical Setting H. Clark
The Approaches and Limitations of Cyber Deterrence H. Cohen
The New Battlefront: The Evolution of Cyber Warfare and Its Role in International Diplomacy and Conflict H. Mansoor
Security Vulnerabilities of Bluetooth Low Energy Technology (BLE) H. O'Sullivan
Visualizing Access Control Policies in Databases J. Chandler
Probabilistic Password Modeling: Predicting Passwords with Machine Learning J. Destories
An Introduction to Cloud Computing Service Models and Associated Risks J. McCants
Zero Knowledge Proofs and the Nuclear Deal: How to Ensure Iranian Compliance with the JCPOA K. Grosch
Understanding and Circumventing The Great Firewall of China L. Fan
Smart Home Technology: The ZigBee Protocol M. Blotner
The Security of Tinder M. Feltz
Vulnerable Progress: The Internet of Things, the Department of Defense and the Dangers of Networked Warfare M. Jacobson
Persistent JavaScript Poisoning in Web Browser's Cache M. Li
I Can Show You the World: How SHODAN is Used to Exploit Vulnerable SCADA Systems M. Long
Jammers and Spammers: Vulnerabilities of the Global Navigation System M. Matthews
Security Vulnerabilities in Unmanned Aircraft Systems M. Morovitz
Client Side Encryption in the Web Browser M. Seltzer
Packet Sniffing: What It's Used for, Its Vulnerabilities, and How to Uncover Sniffers M. Vimalesvaran
Code Injection in Windows Systems: Where do We Stand Now? N. Sempere
The Cookie Monster: From $0 to Hero N. Telkedzhiev
How Secure is Venmo? N. Usoff
Infotainment Systems or Infotaintment Systems? How Dancing Pigs are Ruining Cars O. Farooqui
Making Secure Easy-to-Remember Passwords P. Braunstein
Software Defined Radio (SDR) P. Swiston
The Prevalence and Privacy Risks of Leaky Apps R. Al-Marzoog
Visualization of Infiltration Attempts R. Dougherty
A Guide to XML eXternal Entity Processing R. Hogue
A Genetic Approach to Flip-It R. Lewis
The Security of Venmo in Today's Digital Landscape S. Church
Security of Digital Signatures Against Adaptive Chosen-Message Attacks S. Heilbron
Attacks and Defenses Against Voice over IP (VoIP) S. Shaidani
Security Risks Involved in Raspberry Pi Development S. Tom
Government Backdoors in Encryption S. Weiss
Cross Site Scripting in Front End Web Development: How Modern Front-End Web Development Opens Up XSS Holes T. Cleveland
Democratizing Value through Digital Currencies T. Prineas
The Worm in the Apple: An Analysis of Modern OSX Malware W. Lee
Usefulness and Workarounds for the Browser Same Origin Policy in the Modern Web Y. Bentov
Messaging Security and Reality for Practicing Enterprise Software Security Y. Zhang
Quantum Computing: The Risk to Existing Encryption Methods Z. Kirsch
Securing the Cloud Infrastructure Z. Sogard

Fall 2014 Final Projects

* Note: most supporting material not included

Title Student Author
FinFisher: The Nexus Of Security and Human Rights A. Brieff
Assured Deletion in the Cloud A. Compton
ESCAPT: Easy Strategies for Computers to Avoid the Public Turing Test A. Dempsey
Analysis of the Tor Browser and its Security Vulnerabilities A. Kapadia
Fitness Bands: The Bluetooth Low Energy Protocol and How to Track your Enemies A. Salvatore
Catching Fraudsters In Real Time A. Tietz
An Analysis of Twitter’s App Based Two- Factor Authentication and Recovery System A. Tong
Network Access Log Visualization & Sonification B. deButts
Passwords and Their Alternatives: How We Try to Secure Our Data, and Why it Isn’t Working. Yet. C. Casey
Session Hijacking and the Cloud C. Gowrie
The Privacy of a Nation: Smart Grid Data in the Global Space C. Jackson
An Overview of RFID Systems and their Security Implications C. Klein
Benefits and Drawbacks of the Future Transition to Chip-and-Pin Credit Card Technology in the United States C. Patrick
The Privacy of Snapchat D. Defossez
An Analysis of Current Mobile Mesh Network Applications
Into the Blue Depths:A User's Guide to Bluetooth Security Vulnerabilities D. Minnick
The Progression of Modern Malware and Necessary Behavioral Changes E. Bailey
Education Technology: Examining Student Privacy and Security E. Coopey
Privacy Concerns: Analysis of Music Applications on Android F. Barosso
Investigating Security Issues in Cloud Computing G. Gao
Recovery After Losing the Physical Device hmao.pdf
Preventing Insecure Direct Object References In App Development H. Wang
Security in Quick-Deploy Software Schemes I. Altgilbers
What About Security? Medical Applications and Implantable Medical Devices I. Fried
Quantum Cryptography: Current Methods and Technology J. Goldman
Security and the Internet of Things J. Sanford
Biocryptography: The Future of User Authentication? J. Woogerd
The Security of Google Chrome Extensions K. Crowell
Google's Project Zero and the Future of Altruistic Internet Security K. Kurtz
Data Storage on Mobile Devices K. Russell
iBeacon Spoofing Security and Privacy Implications of iBeacon Technology K. Singhal
Android Fragmentation: Protecting the Gene Pool By Better Knowing It L. Ades
GPS and Wireless Signal Jamming: Attacks and Defenses M. Ahrens
SOHO Router Security M. Davis
Cognitive Hacking Defensive Tactics M. O' Conor
CryptoLocker and the Rise of Cryptographic Ransomware M. Tran
POS Attacks: Consumer and Retail Security Through the Lens of the Target and Home Depot Breaches R. Lasell
Browser Performance and Security After NPAPI S. Bhatia
Point-of-Sale Malware: Why Today's Top Retailers Are Vulnerable to Attacks S. Garfield
Digital Forensics with iOS Devices S. Guo
Bitcoin Anonymity and Security T. Schaffner
Vulnerabilities in the Distributed and Autonomous Internet of Things T. Strassner
Internet of Things: An Inconspicuous Naked Giant (6LoWPAN) Y. Yu

Fall 2013 Final Projects

* Note: most supporting material not included

TitleStudent Author
The Stuxnet Worm: The Nexus of Cyber Security and International PolicyG. Aquila
Vulnerabilities in HID iClass RFID Access Control SystemsN. Andre
Hidden in Plain Sight: An Analysis of Private Browsing MethodsM. Brenman
Information Flow Control and PrivacyD. Chen
Time-Lock Cryptography: Sending Messages to the FutureW. Clarkson
Mobile Malware in the MarketplaceB. Conron
Node.js VulnerabilitiesA. Crookes
Visual Geolocation Based Black and White ListingK. Cronburg
An Internet Of Nosy Insects Web Bugs, Advertisers, and YouS. Daniel
Smooth as Silk: The Story of the Internet's Largest Drug MarketplaceK. Danielewicz
A Security Analysis of the GSM ProtocolN. Davis
Building Secure Websites With Web Application FirewallsA. de Vera
Privacy and Security Benefits of Jailbreaking iOSS. Dimitrov
An Analysis of Mobile Malware and Detection TechniquesA. Dinesh
Automatic Identification Systems or: How I Learned to Handle Pirates on the High SeasJ. Downer
A History in Technical Context: Trans-Pacific Cyberwarfare and the Cyber-Espionage Entanglement Between China and the United StatesJ. Dutko
Large-Scale Packet VisualizationM. Goldstein
The Privacy of Private BrowsingA. Hedberg
Security in StartupsM. James
Broken Promises? An Analysis of Mobile Apps Promising User PrivacyA. Jenkins
SCADA Technologies and VulnerabilitiesD. Kalbfleisch
Potential Weaknesses In Pseudorandom Number GeneratorsA. Li
Distributed Password Cracking with John the RipperT. Lubeck
Public Wi-Fi: Friend or Foe?D. Mancinelli
Designing a Risk Management Field Guide For Cloud ServicesR. McShane
No Such Thing as a Cure-all: Web Application FirewallsD. Nunez
Raiding Scripts the Right WayP. Pemberton
Encrypting the Foundation of DemocracyA. Pierce
Securing Peer­-to­-Peer NetworksC. Piraino
DNS Spoofing and Poisoning: Trust, Danger, and SolutionsA. Polyakov
True Random Number Generation for Cryptography, on the CheapP. Nixon
The Security Implications of HTTP/2.0I. Redelmeier
The Inherent Vulnerability of the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)D. Richard
Overview of BIOS RootkitsR. Schlaikjer
Hadoop: The Dangers of Unprotected DataJ. Schmitz
An Investigative Study into the Privacy of iOS ApplicationsM. Silverblatt
Google Glass and Wearable Technology: A New Generation of Security ConcernsW. Stone
When Analytics Cross the LineA. Tai
Designing an Inconspicuous RFID SnifferN. Tarrh
The User is the Vulnerability Breaking the Android Security Model Through the Permissions SystemN. Tenczar
Security Risks of Using Wi-Fi Hotspot: SSL Under BREACH AttackH. Wan
Overview of Cooperative Infrastructure Defense and Ant Based Cyber DefenseH. Weiss
Fuzzing an iOS ApplicationA. Wishnick
Android RootkitsA. Zakaria

Selected Spring 2011 and Spring 2012 Final Projects