Tufts CS 117 (Spring 2022):
Internet-scale Distributed Systems

Tufts CS 117 Reading Assignment:
Reflections on Trusting Trust

NOTE: this assignment has been upated to include an additional article by Gregory Conti and James Caroland. The additional reading was suggested by guest lecturer Mary Ellen Zurko


Ken Thompson is renowned as the co-inventor of Unix, an achievement for which he won the ACM Turing Award. Thompson's Turing Award lecture shocked the computing field with it's startling demonstration of the vulnerabilities of software systems.


Please read the following:

Timing and questions

There are no questions accompanying this assignment, but Ken Thompson's is a terrific, truly classic paper. It will take less than an hour to read, but also give yourself some time to think about it. Please read it in time for our security lecture on Thursday March 31. Please read the other paper in time for Mary Ellen Zurko's lecture on Tuesday April 05.