• (22 Jan 2015) C++ Review class video
  • (21 Jan 2015) Files for review session:
  • (21 Jan 2015) Lab signup link:
  • (14 Jan 2015) Lab Assignments (tentative):  Lab sign-ups will begin at 6pm on Wednesday, January 21, on a first-come-first-served basis.
    Labs will start on Monday January 26th. The lab times will tentatively be as follows:
    Mon 6:00pm-7:15 (Halligan 116)
    Mon 7:30pm-8:45 (Halligan 116)
    Mon 9:00pm-10:15 (Halligan 116)
    Tue 10:30am-11:45 (Halligan 116)
    Tue 12:00pm-1:15 (Halligan 116)
    Tue 1:30pm-2:45 (Halligan 116)
    Tue 3:00pm-4:15 (Halligan 116)
    Tue 6:00pm-7:15 (Halligan 118)
    Tue 9:00pm-10:15 (Halligan 116)

    Course Information

    This course is intended as an introduction to data structures and more advanced programming techniques. Students will be able to solve real-world problems by reasoning about data structure choices, choose appropriate implementations, and analyze the costs associated with those choices. Students will learn to write, debug, and test large programs systematically. We hope to achieve these goal by presenting higher level concepts in lecture and hands-on computer practices in the lab. The programming assignments will be in C++.

    The major topics within the course include: Abstraction, Problems Solving, Software Design, Sequences, Sets, Finite Maps, Linked Lists, Templates, Stacks, Queues, Trees, Heaps, Sorting Algorithms, Graphs, and Hashing, with exposure to complexity and algorithm analysis.

    Course Locations

    • Section 1: (MoWe 1:30PM - 2:45PM, G+ block) is in Barnum Hall, Room 008
    • Section 2: (MoWe 4:30PM - 5:45PM, K+ block) is in Anderson Hall, Room 253
    • All labs are held in room 116/118 in Halligan Hall.


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    Contact Info

    The fastest way to get a response to a question is through where COMP15 has a course page, we will use the page to post questions and answers. The course webpage on piazza is