Comp 15

Fall 2017 Course Calendar

The (tentative) course calendar below will be updated during the term to contain lecture notes topics as well as links to assignments, labs, and readings. I may or may not post lecture notes, and those notes may not, in the end, reflect what happens in lecture. Students are expected to attend lecture and take notes. If you cannot attend lecture, please contact other students to see what you missed.

If there is an error or if I have forgotten to add material or activate a link, please let me know. Schedule changes will be announced in class and on the course Piazza forum.

Unless otherwise stated, assignments are due by 1200 (noon) of the posted due dates.


As of 1130 on 5 September 2017, all waitlisted students have been approved to join the course.

You MUST register for a lab section. We DO have labs the first week, starting on 5 September.

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Last Modified 2017-Nov-18