COMP 150-07: Intelligent Robotics

Computer Science Department, Tufts University


Attendance on Tuesday, January 20th (Curtis Hall CEEO) is mandatory if you want to take the class. We will check out Lego kits and start Lab 1.

Robotics involves elements of both science (mathematics, physics, computer science) and engineering. These labs introduce you to the engineering or systems side of robotics. They will teach you how to design, implement and debug physical computational systems. They will also teach you teamwork, an indispensable part of many robotics projects.

Each lab will be posted here and handed out during Tuesdays lab class. You are expected to complete the lab challenge as a team in your own time by the demo deadline specified (usuall, the following Tuesday in class). On demo day, each team will present and run their system at the beginning of class. All team members must be present to get a grade. No late labs are accepted.