Instruction for using CGAL
Ryan Coleman, April 2003

1. Log onto from either the NT labs or the Sun lab. The maxterms/connections off campus are too slow to actually run geomview from the unix machines.

2. Put the three files makefile, points3, terrain.C (also available from the directory /r/geometry/Software/CGAL/), make a directory within it called data and put points3 in it.

3. Run `use cgal`.

4. The makefile should work if you type make or make terrain. It takes a long time to compile (relative to programs that don't do a lot of linking to libraries).

5. You may have to run `setenv DISPLAY` where computer is the machine you are using, like Beethoven in the NT lab or c15 in the sun lab.

6. Typing `terrain` should now work. Other problems you might have are not having geomview in your path.

Yeah, that's about it. When you run terrain, it runs geomview for you, and runs a Voronoi diagram then a Delaunay triangulation. There is some output telling you this, it also is documented in the code a little bit.