COMP 165 - Fall 2016 - Homework 7

Due Wednesday, 9 November, 2016 in class

Report problems to ablumer via email

Please show your calculations for these problems. If you write a program to do the calculations, print out the source code.
  1. (This is Problem 11.12) Determine all the points on the elliptic curve E11(1, 6). This is the curve defined by integer solutions to y2 = x3 + x + 6 mod 11.
  2. Show that G = (2, 7) is a generator for these points by computing a table of all multiples of G.
  3. Use the elliptic curve digital signature algorithm to generate a signature for a message with hash value 4 using the above G and random values d = 3 and k = 7.
  4. Show how someone who doesn't know d would verify this signature.