Preparing for the COMP 40 midterm

Midterm overview and scope

The midterm may cover any material taught in class or introduced by the homework assignments. A list of some likely exam topics is given in the next section:

Partial list of topics

The following is a partial list of topics that are at particularly likely to appear on the midterm, so be sure you have studied these well. Any of the following may be on the midterm but the higlighted items are ones that many students have failed to study sufficiently for previous exams:

Note that there may well be other topics on the test as well.

In general, we will not expect you to memorize picky details. For example, we will expect you to understand key components of floating-point representation, such as the significand, but if needed we will remind you that in 32 bit IEEE floats, the significand is 23 bits long. However, we will expect you to have memorized the sorts of details that competent C programmers at your level should know: for example, we expect you to know that %s is the printf format code for printing a string, that %d is for signed integers, etc.

Materials to review

The primary sources that are likely to be helpful to you in preparing for the test are the ones linked from our course calendar, including especially:

Taking the test

The following rules and procedures apply to this test:

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