List of design recipes

This list has been captured by checking the list of figures that follows the table of contents, then identifying all the figures that give design recipes.

Figure 4, page 21: The design recipe at a glance

Figure 6, page 44: Designing the body of a conditional function (refines Figure 4)

Figure 12, page 71: Designing a function for compound data (refines Figure 4)

Figure 18, page 89: Designing a function for mixed data (refines Figure 4 and 12)

Figure 26, page 132: Designing a function for self-referential data (refines Figure 4, 12, and 18)

Figure 43, page 218: Designing groups of functions for groups of data definitions (refines Figures 4, 12, and 18)

Pragmatics box, page 355: Use lambda when a function is not recursive and is only needed once in an argument position (mini-recipe)

Figure 69, page 372: Designing algorithms (mini-recipe)

Not in the first edition: Design recipe for generative recursion, and also

Section 31.1, pages 451: Recognizing the need for an accumulator

Figure 100, page 514 The design recipe for state variables