COMP 50 Homework

Assignment for overture (also in PDF): Introduction. Due Monday, September 9.

Assignment for cond (also in PDF): Simple computations and conditionals. Due Monday, September 16.

Assignment for structures-i (also in PDF): Compound data. Due Monday, September 23.

Assignment for structures-ii (also in PDF): Mixed data. Due Monday, September 30.

Assignment for trees (also in PDF): Unbounded data. Due Monday, October 7.

Assignment for multiple-lists (also in PDF): When a function takes multiple lists. Due Tuesday, October 15.

Assignment for mutual-reference (also in PDF): Data with mutual references. Due Monday, October 21.

Assignment for templates (also in PDF): Templates and tables of examples. Due Monday, October 28.

Assignment for abstract (also in PDF): Abstraction. Due Wednesday, November 6.

Assignment for loops (also in PDF): List processing with operations as arguments. Due Monday, November 18.

Assignment for trigrams (also in PDF): Natural-language recognition. Due Tuesday, November 26.

Assignment for portfolio (also in PDF): The learning portfolio. Due Tuesday, December 10.