Comp50-03 / Bio40 / BME94-08: Bioinformatics

Comp 50 Bio, Fall 2010

Prof. Donna Slonim


Mondays and Wednesdays, 10:30-11:45am, Halligan 122

Office hours: Halligan 234 (or 122 Lab), Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 2-3pm.

Course Goal: This course is designed to introduce future biologists and physicians to bioinformatics tools, data analysis methods, and online genomic data. Upon completion of the course, students should be more comfortable working with the vast amounts of biomedical information that will be relevant to their work in the coming decades.

Course strategy: This will be a very hands-on, project-oriented class. There will be three overall projects, but some will be broken up into smaller parts that will be due on different days. Most weeks will consist of one lecture class and one lab class. The labs are essential for developing skills to be used in the projects.

Syllabus: The course syllabus can be downloaded here.

Prerequisites: Bio 41 or BME 62 or equivalent (by consent). We will assume some background in molecular biology and genetics. There are no computer science prerequisites for this course.

Books: The course textbook is Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics, 2nd edition by Jonathan Pevsner, published by Wiley-Liss.

Requirements: Grades will be based on lab effort, project assignments, an in-class midterm, and a final exam. Labs will be graded only as pass/fail, but completing the labs is essential for successful completion of the projects.

The primary course web site is available through Moodle.
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