COMP 50—Problem-Solving by Computer
Tufts University
Fall 2013

Lectures: MW 1:30–2:45, Halligan 111A
Labs: Weds 3:00–4:15, Halligan 118, or
Thurs 10:30–11:45, Halligan 118
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Instructor: Norman Ramsey, Halligan Extension 006 / Halligan 220
Office hours Monday 3:30–4:30, Thursday 2:30–3:00, and by appointment.
Teaching Assistants: Gordon Briggs, Tony Cannistra, Will Clarkson, Marcella Hastings, James Roseman, Nate Tenczar, Jayme Woogerd
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COMP 50 is a course in problem-solving by computer, where you will learn to solve problems ``starting from a blank page.'' The course is open to any student who is motivated to work hard, regardless of background. ``Starting from a blank page'' means that you have some opportunity to design a solution from scratch, as opposed to starting with a design or incomplete software prepared by the course staff.

When you complete COMP 50, you will have the following abilities:

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