MATH/COMP 61: Sections 03, 04
Discrete Mathematics

Instructor: Karen Edwards
Office: Halligan (Extension) 004
Email: (delete the word REMOVE)
Office Hours: 1:15-2:15pm Wed/Fri, and by appointment

Section 03 is E block (MWF 10:30-11:20), Anderson 206
Section 04 is H block (TuTh 1:30-2:20 and Fri 2:30-3:20), Eaton Hall 201

Announcements for this course will be sent to your email via Piazza. Please register as soon as possible. The access code will be given in class.

Grad TAs: (all email addresses are

Undergrad TAs: (all email addresses are

Office hours: All office hours are held in Halligan Extension unless otherwise noted. Go to the end of the first floor, down the hallway to the left, and *past* the vending machines to reach the Extension. If office hours need to move elsewhere, a note will be written on the whiteboards in the Extension lounge.

Any cancellations or one-time changes will be posted in Piazza.

10:30am–12noon Oliver
11:30am–12:30pm Maria
1:30–3pm Anna
6–9pm Yulei
9–10:30pm Shinny
12–3pm Oliver
6–7:30pm Doug
7:30–9pm PJ
11:30am–12:30pm Maria
1:15–2:15pm Karen
1:30–4:30pm Elizabeth
6–9pm Shinny
3–4:30pm Jonathan
4:30–6pm Naoki
6–7:30pm Anna
7:30–10:30pm Chanel
11:30am–12:30pm Maria
12–1:30pm Jonathan
1:15–2:15pm Karen
3:30–4:30pm Jheanelle
12:30–2pm Doug
1:30–3pm Elizabeth
12–3pm PJ, Yuxin
3–5:30pm Doug
4:30–7:30pm Yulei
5:30–7:30pm Naoki
7:30–9pm Jheanelle
7:30–10:30pm Chanel, Jonathan

Description: This class covers foundations of discrete mathematics and introduction to proofs. Topics include Propositional Logic, Sets, Relations and Functions, Methods of Proof, Counting, Modular Arithmetic, RSA Cryptography and Graph Theory.

Textbook: We are using Mathematics: A Discrete Introduction (2nd edition OR 3rd edition) by Edward Scheinerman. It is available at the bookstore and many other places, in multiple formats (new, used, rental, digital)

Grading: Your grade is based on 3 exams plus a final, plus your hw as follows. 85% of your grade is based on e1+e2+e3+f+f, except you get to drop the lowest of the 5 scores (final is 2 scores). 15% is based on homework.

Homework: HW assignments are posted on Piazza and will be submitted via Gradescope. Instructions for submitting homework will be posted on Piazza. Homeworks are due Sundays at 11:59pm.

Late homework: You are allowed four "tokens" to be used at your discretion for a 24-hour automatic extension on the homework. Other than this, late homework will be counted as 0. You are responsible for keeping track of whether you have used the tokens or not; computations are simply based on the timestamp from Gradescope on your submission. Don't waste tokens on being 2 minutes late!

HW collaboration policy: You are welcome to talk to the Instructor, TAs or other students about HW problems, but if so please follow the "sandwich" rule: first read and think about the problem by yourself, then work with others if desired, and then the final form that you turn in for grading should be written by you alone using your own words. You should not be looking up hw solutions on the Internet. If you have substantially collaborated with other students on a problem, please acknowledge this at the top of that problem, i.e. "I worked with Alex and Robin". The write up still needs to be your own. In general, you should assume that problems require justification---no credit for correct answers with no justification.

Typesetting homeworks using LaTeX (optional but recommended): In order to run LaTeX you will need to install a free LaTeX distribution. Alternatively, you can use the lab machines, remote login (ssh & sftp) (non EECS majors can get an account @ EECS systems office), or online LaTeX editors such as Overleaf.

(thanks to COMP 160 page for the above info.)

Exams: TBD (3 exams)

Final Exam: We will use the standard Tufts final exam blocks:
E block (section 03), final exam is Wed May 8 from 3:30–5:30pm, in our usual classroom.
H block (section 04), final exam is Tue May 7 from 3:30–5:30pm, in our usual classroom.

Missing homeworks/exams:If you have a serious reason for not submitting homework or not taking an exam, you should notify your Dean and/or Health Services, and of course you may copy us as well. Decisions about missed homeworks/exams will be made in consultation with your Dean. Otherwise, exams must be taken at the scheduled times. Check the exam schedule before making travel arrangements.