Course Information

Time and place

Tuesday, Thursday 12pm-1:15pm in Halligan 111


Samuel Z. Guyer -- office hours: Monday, Wednesday 6pm-7pm


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Jan 19Welcome back
Jan 24No Silver Bullet
Jan 26Biting the Silver Bullet
Jan 31Models
Feb 2Team meetings
Feb 7Team meetings
Feb 9
Feb 14Rewriting the software
Feb 16Peer design review
Feb 21Out of the Tar Pit
Feb 23Monday schedule
Feb 28Reflections on Trusting Trust
Mar 2Work day
Mar 7BitCoint
Mar 9Anonymity
Mar 14Team meetings
Mar 16Team meetings
Mar 20-24Spring break
Mar 28Open source development
Mar 30Cathedral and Bazaar
Apr 4
Apr 6
Apr 11
Apr 13
Apr 18
Apr 20
Apr 25
Apr 27Last day
May 5Final reports



Your grade in this course will be based on a series of design documents, reports, and presentations, in addition to the final project artifact itself. My goal is to spend a substantial amount of lecture time doing in-class problems, so class participation is also very important.

80% Project artifacts
20% Class participation

Academic (mis)conduct

Academic misconduct (also known as "cheating") is a very serious issue at Tufts. As a member of the University community, I am obligated to report any incidents. The consequences are painful for everyone involved. For more details, see the Tufts brochure on academic conduct:

The most common reason for cheating is becoming overwhelmed by the work. Every one of us has been in this situation, and we're more than willing to help you if you feel like you're in trouble. Please, please come to us before you get into a situation where you're tempted to take someone elses solution.