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Depth Explorer
What is Depth Explorer

Depth Explorer is a visual interactive tool for learning about Data Depth and evaluating depth measures.

Depth Explorer can generate diverse data sets or load existing ones. Through muliple visualizations, the performance of different depth measures can be compared visually, quickly and effectively.

Depth Explorer in Action

Depth Explorer Screenshot

Depth Explorer Presentations & Papers
Depth Explorer 1.1 was presented at ICORS 06

The slides (pdf) of the presentation have been made available here.

A related paper was also presented at ALENEX 06:
slides (pdf) text (pdf)
Version 1.5 Alpha 7 (Prerelease Version)

Note: This version is still being tested. Your milage may vary.

Windows 32 Bit Installer
MacOS X x86 Installer
Documentation & Source Coming Soon

Version 1.5 Alpha 6 (Prerelease Version)

Windows 32 Bit Installer

Version 1.0

Mac OS X (PPC) Installer
Source Code

Documentation for depth explorer is a work in progress. But for now, check out the javadoc.
The demos page has demonstrations of different visuals that depth explorer can produce.