Tufts University • Computer Graphics Reading Seminar • Fall 2005

Dory and Nemo in the Jellyfish from Disney's "Finding Nemo"

Week Topic and Papers Paper (Presentation as PDF)
1 Introduction
  • Syllabus
  • Reading, Reviewing and Presenting papers
  • Paper Assignments
  • Kajiya. How to Get Your SIGGRAPH Paper Rejected
  • Blinn. Things I Hope Not to See or Hear at SIGGRAPH
  • Parberry. How to Present a Paper in Theoretical Computer Science: A Speaker's Guide for Students
2 Interactive Design
  • Zeleznik, Herndon, Hughes. SKETCH: An Interface for Sketching 3D Scenes
  • Igarashi, Matuoka, Tanaka. Teddy: A Sketching Interface for 3D Freeform Design (Jakubiak)
3 Introduction to Volume Rendering
4 Guest: Carl Crawford, Analogic. Volume Rendering of CT Data for Checking Baggage
  • Ying, Naidu, Crawford. Dual Energy Computed Tomography for Explosive Detection
5 Volume Sculpting
  • Galyean, Hughes. Sculpting: An Interactive Volumetric Modeling Technique
  • Mark Foskey, Miguel Otaduy, and Ming C. Lin. Art Nova: Touch-Enabled 3D Model Design (Winey)
  • Wang, Kaufman. Volume Sculpting (Steed)
6 Carving Detail via Distance Fields
  • Frisken et. al. Adaptively Sampled Distance Fields: A General Representation of Shape for Computer Graphics
  • Perry, Frisken. Kizamu: A System for Sculpting Digital Characters
See Dr. Frisken's website for lecture slides and papers
7 Lighting Design
  • Schoeneman, Doresey, Smits, Avro, Greenberg. Painting with Light
  • Kristensen, Akenine-Moller, Jensen. Precomputed Local Radiance Transfer for Real-Time Lighting Design
8 Lighting in Finding Nemo and Rendering Challenges in the Incredibles
  • Finding Nemo (movie)
  • The Incredibles (movie)
9 Deforming Surface Models
  • Parent. A System for Scultping 3-D Data (Tabaczynski)
  • Coquillart. Extended Free-Form Deformation: A Sculpturing Tool for 3D Geometric Modeling (Jakubiak)
10 Scultping Surface Models
  • Singh, Fiume. Wires: A Geometric Deformation Technique (Steed)
  • Nealan, Sorkine, Alexa, Cohen-Or. A Sketch-Based Interface for Detail-Preserving Mesh Editing (Lauric)
11 Scultping Implicit Models
  • Wyvill, Guy, Galin. The Blobtree- Warping, Blending and Boolean Operations in an Implicit Surface Modeling System
  • Ferley, Cani, Gascuel. Resolution Adaptive Volume Sculpting
12 Convolution Surfaces
  • Bloomenthal, Shoemake. Convolution Surfaces (Tabaczynski)
  • Bloomenthal, Lim. Skeletal Methods of Shape Manipulation (Tabaczynski)
  • Yoshizawa, Belyaev, Seidel. Free-From Skeleton-driven Mesh Deformations
13 Modeling with Skeleton Curves
  • Grimm. Implicit, Generalized Cylinders using Profile Curves (Steed)
  • Tai, Zhang, Fong. Prototype Modeling from Sketched Silhouttes base on Convolution Surfaces (Winey)