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Comp275: Advanced Computer Graphics

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Physics-based modeling in Computer Graphics and Simluation

3D simulation of clouds animated and rendered interactively. From Interacting with Smoke and Fire in Real Time by Jos Stam.
This course presents practical approaches for simulating and rendering important physical phenomena in Computer Graphics. Topics include particle systems, articulated bodies, soft-body deformation, and fluids. We will cover the math and physics behind each topic and various approaches for modeling these phenomena on the computer. Students will implement a prototype in each topic area and work in teams to design and implement a physics-based simulation system in an application area of their choosing. Prerequisites: COMP 175 and a good working knowledge of the C programming language.

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Important deadlines

  • Feb.24 SIGGRAPH Volunteer application deadline
  • Apr.12 SIGGRAPH Sketches deadline
  • May.11 SIGGRAPH Posters & student research competition deadline