For example, let's say you have two situations where you need to convert from degrees to radians, and you type the usual formula two places in your code, but in one place you mistype the 3rd digit of pi. You might pull your hair out trying to figure out why two graphics that should coincide are misaligned by a few pixels, even though they are drawn by "similar" code. ,  what if  simple example could be solved by making pi a global constant or using a macro, but

Creating a new project

To creat a new project, right click on the solution name in the Solution Explorer tab, and select Add -> New Project from the popup menu. A large number of possibe project types will be offered, but in this course, all assignments are Visual C++ Win32 Console projects. You must specify a name and location for your new project. It will be easier to manage and submit your homework assignments if you put them in some logical directory structure.