CUSP: Computing Undergraduate Scholars Program at Tufts University

National Science Foundation
Extending Depth Explorer and DEJ Depth Measures
Professor: Diane Souvaine
Students: Robby Ramdin & Ashish Datta
Modeling Information Flow in the Operating Room
Professor: Caroline Cao
Students: Leslie Johnston & Kiran Lokhande
Conversation Creation Engine for Children
Professor: Marina Bers
Student: Hamid Palo
Creating Community Through the World of Zora
Professor: Marina Bers
Student: Cheryl Pedersen
Software Infrastructure for Research
Professor: Judith Stafford
Students: Charisse Cotton & Sarah Keefe
Levels of Reality in User Interfaces
Professor: Robert Jacob
Student: Alissa Cooper
Brain-Computer Interaction using Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
Professor: Robert Jacob
Student: Claire Lee
Tangible User Interface Design
Professor: Robert Jacob
Student: Amy von Holten
Magnetic Resonance Image Reconstruction
Professor: Misha Kilmer
Student: Maya Shoham