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Welcome to the website of the Computational Geometry research group here at Tufts University. We are dedicated to the theoretical and applied study of Computational Geometry.

What is Computational Geometry?

The study of algorithms to solve geometric problems.

Some Applications:

Computer Graphics, Robot Motion Planning, Geographic Information Systems, Integrated Circuit Design, Statistics

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Weakly simple polygon.

(a) A simple polygon P with 16 vertices. (b) Eight points in the interior of P (solid dots); their geodesic hull is a weakly simple polygon P' with 14 vertices. (c) A perturbation of P' into a simple polygon. Find more about weakly simple polygons here.

Bimodal Dataset Detection with Proximity Depth

This is an example of using Proximity Depth to detect multi-modality in a data set. Learn more about our work with proximity depth here.