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Depth Explorer

Depth Explorer is a visual interactive tool for learning about Data Depth and evaluating depth measures. Depth Explorer was originally presented at ALENEX in Miami in January of 2006. At the time Depth Explorer could generate two-dimensional data sets and visualize the assignment of depth for the generated data. We used Depth Explorer internally during our development and analysis of Proximity Depth.

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JQhull puts an easily accessible Java API on the fantastic QHull library. QHull, developed by Brad Barber, is the industry standard tool for computing convex hulls, Delaunay triangulations and Voronoi diagrams. Access to QHull is usually through a command line interface, though mostly-undocumented internal data structures are available. JQHull puts a simple, object-oriented face on the internals of QHull, allowing hulls to be calculated from within Java code. JQHull is currently used by the TuftsGeometry library for all convex hull-related computations.

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TuftsGeometry Libraries

Though Depth Explorer represents an important tool for those investigating the effectiveness of depth measures, clustering methods, outlier detection, etc..., much of the software developed to enable Depth Explorer could be used in other projects. TuftsGeometry is the stand-alone set of geometry tools that powers Depth Explorer. From visualization to convex hulls, the public API and command line interface of the TuftsGeometry software libraries will enable researchers and developers to leverage the underpinnings of Depth Explorer in their own projects.

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Generic XML Interpolator

GXI grew out of a desire to allow users to animate depth measures rendered by Depth Explorer. The GXI package offers a framework through which users can write connectors to interpolate arbitrary XML. Currently, a fully functional connector exists for DepthML and an unfinished demonstration connector for SVG.

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