Towards Application Centric Cloud Networking

October 15, 2015
2:50 pm - 4:00 pm
Halligan 102
Speaker: Fahad Dogar, Tufts University
Host: Sam Guyer


Many popular applications today (e.g., search, social networking) run inside large data centers. While performance is critical for these applications, achieving low latency, especially at the tail, is difficult because of the complex structure of these applications. In the first half of this talk, I will present our work on improving performance of data center applications by making the network aware of application semantics.

The second half of the talk will focus on how we can leverage existing data center infrastructure to help another important class of applications -- interactive applications (e.g., voice, online gaming, etc).

Bio: Fahad Dogar is an assistant professor in the computer science department at Tufts. Before Tufts, he was part of the systems and networking group at Microsoft Research. He completed his PhD from Carnegie Mellon University and undergrad from LUMS (Pakistan).