Novel Optical MEMS Development

January 30, 2002
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
Halligan 111
Speaker: Leon Zhang, Agiltron in Woburn
Host: Dr. M. Cronin-Golomb


This presentation is a summary of our efforts on novel optical MEMS development. The works are focused on high sensitivity IR sensors and high performance beam-steering MEMS devices. These uncooled IR sensors can work at room temperature. Their advantageous configurations are based on quantum mechanical effect and optical read-out. This technology is very promising for its high sensitivity, fast response, large array format and low cost. Primary experiment at Agiltron Inc. has demonstrated the working principle. Theoretical estimation gives a detectivity of D*~109 cmHz1/2 W-1 at 30Hz which is significant among uncooled IR sensors. The beam steering MEMS devices under development are aimed at application in optical communication. These devices differ from others by its large displacement (or force) and low package requirement. This will be achieved by combining the advanced funcrional material and silicon micromachining.