Building the Instant Internet with Machine Learning

November 9, 2017
2:50pm - 4:00pm
Halligan 102
Speaker: David Lerner, ViaSat
Host: Ming Chow


Why is the web still so slow? Why don't web pages just snap? You have a high speed network and a fast device, so what’s wrong? In a word, "latency." In this talk I will discuss why web pages are still slow and how the use of machine learning and Internet-scale computing lets us mitigate latency and build the world's fastest web browser. The discussion will also touch on how we got the project funded, the role of patents, how we built Internet-scale services, and how we approached the machine learning problem.


David is a product manager at ViaSat, a company that is connecting the world with broadband Internet delivered by satellite. He has spent the last 17 years working on various products and techniques for accelerating web and network traffic. Prior to ViaSat, he experienced the ups and downs of the start-up world, and cofounded a wide area network optimization company.