Human in the Data Loop

December 12, 2017
12:00pm - 1:00pm
196 Boston Ave, Room 4014
Speaker: Joseph Cottam, Pacific Northwest National Lab


Abstract: So much of the world is operates at computational scales. There are computers monitoring internet traffic, trading stocks and monitoring health. Computational scales dominate the speed, precision and volume of measurements being made. However, these datasets need to be moved to human-scales, at least occasionally, to be useful. Human scale is required for interpretation, verification and critical decision making. This talk will discuss aspects of human-in-the-loop data analysis, focusing on visualization but touching on aspects such as system verification/validation and human-machine teaming.

Bio: Dr. Joseph Cottam is a research scientists working on data analysis and visualization at Pacific Northwest National Lab. He is interested in visualizing how things change and in making visualization more useful by making it easier to do correctly. His work has worked on systems involving streaming data, distributed processing and out-of-core methods. He joined the Visual Analytics group In January 2017 after spending five years as a research scientist at Indiana University.