Reverse Engineering Tools Taxonomy

April 15, 2022
2:00pm ET
Cummings 614, Zoom
Speaker: James Mattei
Host: Dan Votipka


Quals talk:

Software reverse engineering is a key task performed by security engineers (SEs) during malware analysis, vulnerability discovery, penetration testing, and other security related tasks. As software continues to integrate with our daily lives, the demand for trained SEs to perform such tasks increases dramatically to ensure public safety. However, security tasks are mostly manual, time-consuming processes where the number of SEs capable of performing them are limited. In order to partially automate the reverse engineering process, many SEs either create or use custom analysis tools that provide additional functionality to their working environment. In this talk, I will present my work understanding the usability of these tools. This data will be used to guide future tool development to incorporate standard usability guidelines and empower SEs to conduct security tasks more efficiently.

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