Sensorial Communication

November 10, 2004
2:50 pm - 4:00 pm
Halligan 111
Host: Rob Jacob


Sensorial Communication While much work has been done on improving the Graphical User Interface, little improvement has been made to improve the quality of interaction over traditional real-time communication interfaces, such as telephones or IM. This talk will explore the design space of sensorial communication, a form of interaction which focuses on physical embodiments of the device, and possible mappings of sensory interfaces available to the user.
Sensorial communication explores the transmission of physical and nonverbal information to enhance remote communication, by creating mappings between the senses of voice, haptics, and lighting. Angela Chang will present some example projects that enable people to create sensorial media to enhance existing communication. Sensorial mappings allow people to interact in novel ways, resulting in enhanced interactions.

Angela Chang is a Senior Design Engineer at Motorola's Advanced Concepts Group in Cambridge, MA. She explores experience prototypes and user scenarios for new interfaces in the mobile phone. Her work focuses mainly on sensorial experiences, involving haptics and lighting. The group, directed by Marco Susani, develops mobile phone concepts for products 2-3 years in the future. Angela is interested in designing physical interfaces that allow for interaction and communication, with a focus on usability and human factors. Before joining Motorola ACG, she invented touch communication devices using lights and vibration. She received her Masters at the MIT Media Lab with Professor Hiroshi Ishii in the Tangible Media Group in June 2002, and was also an advisee of Prof. Rob Jacob at Tufts and Prof. Sile O'Modhrain at Media Lab Europe. In the past, she has programmed input device drivers for tablets at LCS/Telegraphics.