Human-centered design for next-generation mobile wirelessexperiences

November 19, 2003
2:50pm - 4:00pm
Halligan 111
Speaker: Karen Donoghue, SavaJe Technologies, Inc.


Designing successful user experiences for mobile devices demands a clear understanding of the relationship between business, technology development, design, usability and product management. New constraints of form factor and varying connectivity continue to push us to invent new ways to design and to balance the cognitive limits of end users with the accelerated drive to develop innovative technology that delivers a return on investment.

In this talk, we will discuss innovative ways that the SavaJe Technologies' User Experience group blends backgrounds in computer science, experience design strategy, user interface design and usability to design wireless user experiences for an open mobile device platform, comprised of a 100% Java operating system and customizable User Experience layer. We will discuss our efforts on researching, designing, prototyping and validating user experiences and show a variety of mobile devices in action. We'll discuss methods and a "user experience portfolio" approach we've designed to help leverage traditional user-centered design methods and combine them with "just in time" usability for mobile platforms and devices.